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Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is an American animated TV series created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh, Eric Weiner and produced for Nickelodeon television.

The cartoon has been broadcast in the United States since 2000 and he has become a major success worldwide, winning a Peabody Award in 2003 for its outstanding efforts to make learning a pleasurable experience for pre-schoolers.

Dora and the other characters are constantly interacting with the audience at home, directly asking them questions and waiting for real estate and silencing the audience's responses.

The main character of the series is, of course, Dora a seven-year-old American girl of Indigenous Mexican heritage. During  every episode she begins a new adventure to help someone accompanied by children who follow her on television.

Dora and Boots run for the path
Dora dressed as a bunny
Dora and Boots watch the flowers dance at the rhythm of music
Dora holds a puppy dog in her arms
Dora plays with a dog puppy
Dora and Boots found a flower
Backpack surrounded by so many objects
Dora and Boots are holding hands to not be taken away from the wind
Dora and Boots play ball
Dora and Boots found the beetles hidden in the bush
Dora and her friends Benny Isa Tyco with Santa Claus
Dora and Boots look for a beetle on the tree
A dog follows Dora happy
Dora and Boots look at beetles who eat happy
Dora and Boots dance with the beetles
Isa the iguana is a friend of Dora the explorer
Dora and Boots happy inside a toy store
Dora and Boots found a sticky substance
Boots with the hat to jester
Mask of Dora the Explorer to color
Dora happy together with Map and Backpack
Dora and Boots jump together
Dora and Boots indicate the insect carrying a ball of earth
Dora and Boots help Mr. Leo
Dora and Boots are looking for something that Swiper stole
Benny the Bull greets with the paw
Dora holds a puppy in her arms
Dora and Boots wear very stylish clothes
Dora moves towards the circus
Dora is sitting wearing a pretty skirt
Dora and Boots walk on the street hand in hand
Boots jump happy
Dora and Boots try to stop Swiper stealing a ball
Dora and Boots look at the train that is passing
Dora and Boots prepare the Christmas tree
Dora and Boots in front of the Christmas tree look at the socks
Dora and Boots show the cottage on the tree
Boots the monkey dancing happy
Dora walks happy with her backpack
Boots hides behind Dora scared by a Halloween pumpkin
Dora and Boots are telling Swiper not to steal
The mischievous fox Swiper
Dora on the beach with a crab
Dora and Boots happy because they found the train tracks
Dora and Boots play happy at the ball
Dora is happy with a wreath of flowers in her hand
Backpack and Map the helpful friends of Dora
Dora and Boots look Tyco the squirrel into the trunk of a tree
Dora skates
Dora has a perplexing expression
Boots the monkey and Benny the bull play with the snowballs
Dora points Backpack and Map
Dora and Boots have found so many apples on the ground
Dora wears a beautiful dress long while Boots holds a cup
Dora jumps with the Boots monkey
Dora standing with open arms
Dora the Explorer greeted with her hand
Dora in pajamas sitting with her teddy bear
Boots embraces Dora strong loud
Dora the Explorer and Boots make a snowman
Dora is with Boots and Tyco on the car
Dora and Boots together with Benny Isa Swiper and Zainetto
Dora embraces Boots
Dora the Explorer and her friend ape Boots greet
Dora and Boots shop at the store
Backpack shows all the things inside
Dora and Boots on the sailboat
Dora and Boots play with water
The squirrel Tyco brings a bag full of gifts
Tyco with a basket full of acorns

Have fun printing and coloring designs of Dora the Explorer. Help Dora to solve the cases she presents during her adventures.

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