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Ants, caterpillars, butterflies; in this category you can find so many small (but not always!) animals populating our planet.

Insects are, in fact, the largest class of living beings that live on Earth for four hundred million years, before the man existed. The species of insects classified exceeds one million, but many millions are still to be discovered.

What does it mean to insect? Insect means divided into sections, in fact the insect's body is made up of three regions: the region of the head, chest, and abdominal.

Insects play essential functions for the survival of life on earth, such as pollinators, wastewaters, honey and silkworm producers, but can also be "enemies" when, for example, they become harvesters of crops.

Insects are the fundamental component of both natural and artificial ecosystems: forests, meadows and crops are not only made up of trees, herbs, musk shrubs, but also from an unimaginable quantities of species of insects that have a paramount importance compared to the other invertebrates and vertebrates, in conditioning the life and evolution of the various environments.

Welcome to the fantastic world of insects!

Decide what to print and color.

Good fun!

A very dangerous scorpion
A scorpion ready to sting
A very big scorpion
An empty spider's web
A hairy spider
A very big spider
A spider on the spider web
A spider with a big belly
A laughing caterpillar
Centipede under a flower
A millipede that walks
A stylized millipede
A millipede is changing direction
A snail with a sleepy air
A snail eating a leaf
A tired snail
A happy snail
Snail and ladybug on leaves
A snail and an ant speak
A snail rests under a flower
A snail streaks
A smiling snail
An angry mosquito
A mosquito with a big sting
A stylized mosquito
A threatening mosquito
A big wasp
A beautiful bee
A bee ready to fly
A bug sticks camouflages
A tick very dangerous for mammals
A tick for dogs
Scarabs fighting
The cricket feels the music
The caterpillar with its cocoon
A giant beetle
A praying mantis on the branch
A praying mantis can catch other insects with its strong front legs
Aphids on the wood
A moth with very large wings
A beautiful butterfly
A grasshopper resting
A very big beetle
Insects on the rocks
An insect with long antennae
The image of a fly
A fly ready to fly
A butterfly with very large wings
A grasshopper ready to jump
A grasshopper on the grass
A cricket on the leaves
Earwigs with characteristic pair of forceps-like pincers
A dragonfly flies on the lawn
A cricket ready to jump
An insect with long antennas
A grasshopper is resting
An insect similar to a moth
A flea view with the microscope
An insect like a cockroach
An unknown bug
An insect with hairy paws
An insect with long nose
A beetle seen from above
The classic beetle
The dragonfly over a grass wire
A dragonfly flying in the sky
An ant with long paws
A very angry ant
A stylized ant
Ants that dig
A design of an ant
An ant from above
A ladybug on the back legs
A bee standing
A beautiful butterfly with two big wings
A butterfly with open wings
A butterfly lays on a flower
A giant butterfly carries a little girl
A butterfly with special wings
A butterfly with a beautiful wings design
A butterfly with two giant wings
A butterfly flies in the air
A butterfly with wings with a special design
A butterfly with strange antennas
A butterfly with a very large body
A beautiful ladybug from above
A very nice ladybug
A ladybug walking
A very big ladybug
Bee with a bucket of honey
A bee jumping on a flower
A very nice bee
A bee that winks
A bee that sucks nectar
A beehive with bees around
A very nice bee blows his wings

Have fun printing and coloring insect designs, the key component of ecosystems.

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