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Inside Out

Inside Out is a 2015 animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. Directed by Pete Docter and co-written by Ronnie del Carmen.

The film is set in the mind of a young girl, Riley Andersen, where five emotions, personified by: Joy, Fear, Disgust, Anger and Sadness, coexist. The five emotions reside in the Headquarters from where they control the mind of the girl, acting on a full of buttons control console.

Every emotion has a color and a different role: Joy is golden and has the purpose of ensuring the happiness of Riley, Fear is violet and he must keep away Riley from danger, Disgust is green, she prevents that she is poisoned physically and socially, Anger is red, he must prevent Riley suffer injustice and finally Sadness, she is blue but her role is not very clear at the beginning.

Then there are five "core memory", which are the most important memories; these are kept in a special hub in Headquarters and they act on the mind of the girl characterizing her personality. The five "core memory" of Riley are all happy, they take the form of floating islands and are called Islands of Personality: Family Island, Honesty Island, Hockey Island, Friendship Island and Goofball Island.

Everything seems to be going well, golden balls prevail over all other in Riley's memories; everything until the day when Riley and her family will have to move in the city of San Francisco. From this moment on, Riley and all her emotions are faced with great difficulties, especially Joy because the happiness of the girl is put to the test.

Thanks to Sadness the girl is able to regain her balance; in fact Joy realizes the importance of Sadness, which initially had been set a little aside, her role is to alert others emotions when Riley needs help or comfort.

Little Riley plays hockey on the frozen lake
Sadness indicates the rainbow
Joy Sadness Anger Disgust and Fear looking at the screen
Joy controls a ball of Riley's memories
Fear runs scared with a cup of tea in hand
Sadness is all alone
Anger ready to explode
Joy holds a sphere of Riley's memories
Riley plays hockey in the new house with a paper ball
The Riley's parents watch happy the newborn baby girl
Disgust Anger and Fear together
Joy Disgust Fear Anger and Sadness all together
Joy fair with hands on hips
Disgust checking her nails
Joy tries to stop Sadness touching the ball of Riley's memory
Joy is happy among the spheres of memories
Joy relies on the backs of Sadness
Joy thinks Riley happiness
Joy runs happily holding a light bulb ideas

Printable and coloring pages of Inside Out. Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust are waiting for you to color together the Riley memories.

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