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Batman is one of the most important fictional superheroes, born from the mind of Bill Finger and Bob Kane and published by DC Comics. Nicknamed Caped Crusader and the Dark Knight.

Bruce Wayne is one of the richest and most powerful men in Gotham City. After witnessing the murder of his parents Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne as a child, by a thug who wanted to rob them, Bruce decides to declare war on crime that is rampant on the streets of his city.

After being subjected to extreme physical and mental workouts, and after learning the martial arts, he is ready to wear the Batman mask, a night creature, able to frighten the criminals.

Thanks to his heritage and with the Lucius Fox's help, he develops a sophisticated equipment prototypes of Wayne Enterprises. He collaborates with the police commissioner of Gotham, James Gordon, in the fight against crime.

In addition to the Mafia, Batman, fighting terrible criminals as the psychopathic Joker, the Riddler, the former district attorney Harvey Dent (now known by the nickname Two-Face), the Penguin, Mr. Freeze and many others.

Catwoman in the police car
Batman tries to capture Joker
Joker the perfidious enemy of Batman
Batman rushes with rope
Batman controls the land
Bruce Wayne learns martial arts
Proud of his Batman costume
Bruce Wayne builds arrows made in the shape of a bat
Batman uses his weapons
Batman ready for action
The mysterious Batman with his cloak
Batman fly between the buildings of Gotham City
Bruce Wayne is training in a cave full of bats
Batman unmasks the Scarecrow
The Batman symbol
Batman ready to shoot
The mysterious Batman in his disguise
Batman comes to the call of police commissioner James Gordon
Batman waits outside the batmobile
Batman rushes with his rope
Bruce Wayne wears the Batman mask with the Alfred help
Batman opens the cloak
Batman while fighting Catwoman and the Joker
Batman has broken up a gang of thieves
Catwoman Joker and other enemies of the rogues gallery
A person looking Batman flying over the Gotham City houses
Gotham City
Batman fly between the skyscrapers of Gotham City
Batman ready to throw a Batarang
Bruce Wayne is training with members of the League of Assassins
The batmobile whizzes on the roofs of houses
Batman controls the situation
Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox talk about changing the batmobile
Batman jumps out of the batmobile
Batman rushes with the rope between the buildings
The living room of Bruce Wayne's home
Batman jumps with his batmobile between two buildings
Bruce Wayne is going to go down in the batcave
The batmobile the Batman powerful machine
Batman looks the bat-signal
Batman runs from batmobile
Batman saves a woman
Bruce Wayne checks the batmobile wheel
The batmobile in the batcave
Batman walks among the bats
Bruce Wayne builds Batarang his powerful weapons
Bruce Wayne and Fox feel the resistance of the Batman mask
Bruce Wayne e Lucios Fox in the batmobile
The billionaire Bruce Wayne in his splendid house
Batman driving his batmobile
Batman in the forest
The batmobile through Gotham City's streets
Batman runs to defeat enemies
Batman and his batsuit

Printable and coloring pages of Batman. The Gotham City's superhero waiting for you to defeat his evil enemies. Print and color drawings of the Dark Knight and live with him fantastic adventures.

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