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Here is the category of colorful designs dedicated to the party loved by the little ones: Christmas.

Christmas is celebrated on December 25th to remind the birth of Jesus. Over time, Christmas has become a day of celebration also for those who are not Christians, often assuming a different meaning from the religious one. In this context, Christmas is generally lived as a family-related party, sharing with loved ones, exchanging gifts.

Choose the coloring pages that will magically bring you into the Christmas atmosphere and use it to wish merry Christmas to your best friends or loved ones.

Happy Holidays!

Santa Claus comes out of the chimney
Christmas Tree with Nativity
Birth of Jesus in the stable under the Star Comet
Birth of Jesus in the stable
The Three Wise Men at the birth of Jesus
The Three Wise Men bring gold incense and myrrh as gift
The Three Wise Men give gold incense and myrrh
The Three Wise Men arrive with gold incense and myrrh
The Three Wise Men follow the Star Comet
Snowman brings gifts
A gnome builds a rocking horse for Christmas
A gnome sews a teddy bear for Christmas
Santa Claus prepares gifts
Santa Claus builds gifts
Santa Claus prepares gifts with gnomes
Christmas angel with adornments
The design of a christmas tree
The rabbit and the squirrel adorn the Christmas tree
Kids decorate the Christmas tree with candles
Picture frame with decorated Christmas tree
Teddy bears decorate the Christmas tree
Two children decorate the Christmas tree
Bright Christmas tree
A beautiful christmas tree with lights
The Christmas tree with lots of presents
Christmas tree decorated with candles and gifts
Christmas tree with gifts
A Christmas tree decorated and with gifts below
The Christmas tree decorated with balls
A very simple Christmas tree
An Angel holds decorations
Large Christmas candle with bow
A candle over the mistletoe
A burning Christmas candle
A beautiful candle lit for Christmas
Christmas candles with mistletoe
Christmas ball with bow
Glittering Christmas balls
Two Christmas balls with bow
Christmas ball with bow and mistletoe
Christmas balls
Christmas bells tied with bow
Christmas bell with bow
Bells with bow to decorate the Christmas tree
Christmas bell with bow for decoration
Many Christmas bells
A beautiful Christmas bell
various Christmas figures
Classic Christmas wreath with bow
Christmas wreath with bow and candle
Christmas wreath with teddy bear
Christmas wreath with teddy bears and stars
Christmas wreath with bow
Classic Christmas wreath
Crown with Santa Claus
Christmas candle
Christmas wreath to decorate doors
Christmas Decoration
Christmas gift
Many Christmas gifts
Little girl finds Christmas gifts under the tree
Kids discover Christmas gifts
Santa Claus cuddles a puppy
Santa Claus received the children's letters
Santa Claus is late
Santa Claus plays the bell
Happy Santa Claus
The face of Santa Claus
Santa Claus remembers that Christmas is December 25th
A close up of Santa Claus
Santa Claus with a funny expression
A close up of Santa Claus with his thick beard
Santa Claus greetings with his hand
A little Santa Claus
Santa Claus and Snowman
Santa Claus brings the gift to a little girl
Santa Claus reads the letter with a little girl
Santa Claus and his aides
Santa puts a gift under the Christmas tree
Santa Claus reads a child's letter
Santa Claus reads the gift list
Santa Claus with a bag full of gifts
Santa Claus greets the helpers at the window
Santa Claus brings presents from the fireplace
Santa Claus comes down from the fireplace
Santa Claus brings a present to the dog
Santa Claus brings presents from the fireplace during the night
Santa Claus puts gifts under the Christmas tree
Santa Claus loads the sled helped by the gnomes
Santa Claus on the sledge
Santa Claus brings the gifts with the sled
Santa Claus brings gifts with the reindeer
Santa Claus fills the bag of gifts
Santa Claus with many gifts
Santa Claus ready to leave the gifts
Father Christmas brings gifts for Christmas on his back
Santa Claus and his bag full of gifts
Santa Claus is preparing the bag of gifts
Santa Claus sings
Santa Claus' face to color
A ball with drawn Santa Claus
Santa Claus loads the sleigh with gifts
Santa Claus with the list of gifts
Santa Claus takes a gift from his bag
A little girl makes a snowman
A nice snowman
Two children make a snowman
A child makes a snowman
Snowman with Christmas tree
A snowman in front of the Christmas tree
Snowy Christmas landscape
Family with Christmas tree
Santa Claus pulls the sleigh with presents
The train of desires
Santa Claus on a sleigh flying
Santa Claus puts the little bells on the reindeer's horns
Santa Claus flies on the sled
Santa Claus with snowman
Santa Claus with a reindeer
Christmas landscape with gnome
Christmas tree with reindeer and rabbit

Many Christmas designs to print and color, the most loved party of children

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