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Skylanders is a action 3D platformer video game series published by Activision.

Currently there are six series: Spyro's Adventure (2011), Giants (2012), Swap Force (2013), Trap Team (2014), SuperCharges (2015) and Imaginators (2016).

Skylanders are a band of heroes that work with the Portal Masters to mantain peace and balance in Skylands, the world where the game takes place. Thanks to the Portal Masters the players assume the role of one of the different characters.

Each Skylanders is associated with one of the ten elements of Skylands: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Magic, Tech, Life, Undead, Light, or Dark.

Trap Team - Echo Let's Make Some Noise!
Supercharges - Fiesta It's party time!
Trap Team - Flip Wreck Making Waves!
Trap Team - Deja Vu Did That Just Happen?
Trap Team - Bushwhack Axe to the Max!
Trap Team - Kaos the evil lord
Trap Team  - The powerful water trap the bad guys become good
Trap Team - Gearshift All Geared Up!
Trap Team - Gusto Gusts and Glory!
Trap Team - Head Rush Taking Charge!
Trap Team - Jawbreaker Down for the Count!
Trap Team - Wallop Hammer it Home
Trap Team - The hammer trap life
Trap Team - Wildfire Bringing the Heat!
Trap Team - Food Fight Eat This!
Trap Team - The evil Chompy Mage
Trap Team - Chopper Dino Might!
Trap Team - The perfidious Shrednaught in their car
Trap Team - Snap Croc and Roll!
Trap Team - Ka Boom Time!
Trap Team - Krypt King I've Got the Edge!
Trap Team - Lob Star Star Bright, Star Fight!
Trap Team - Torch Fire it Up!
Trap Team - Wolfgang with his harp
Swap Foce - Blast Buckler with tentacles
Swap Force - Blast Shake with bombs raised
Swap Force - The rapid Magna Ranger
Swap Force - Magna Buckler legged octopus
Swap Force - Magna Rise walking with mechanical legs
Swap Force - Lightcore Countdown I'm the bomb!
Swap Forece - The terrible Slobber Tooth
Swap Force - The skater Roller Brawl
Swap Force - Boom Jet Bombs away!
Swap Force - Freeze Jet flies on the rocket
Swap Force - Freeze Rise with its mechanical legs
Swap Force - Boom Rouser ready to launch the rocket
Swap Force - Rattle Shake an undead
Swap Force - The furious Night Shake
Swap Force - The mysterious Freeze Shadow
Swap Force - Rubble Stone grabs his hammer
Swap Force - The mighty Night Bomb
Swap Force - The fast Free Ranger
Swap Force - The swirling Stink Stone
Swap Force - The dangerous Trap Shift
Swap Force - The fiery Blast Shift
Swap Force - Freeze Blade with fiery skates
Swap Force - The mechanical Blast Rise
Swap Force - The magnetic Magna Charge
Swap Force - The powerful Rattle Rouser
Swap Force - Trap Jet flies on the rocket
Swap Force - Trap Rise with mechanical legs
Swap Force - Trap Shake with snake legs
Swap Force - The fearsome Trap Bomb
Swap Force - The dangerous Freeze Shadow
Swap Force - Rubble Loop ready to launch the attack
Swap Force - Night Shift with raised hand punch
Swap Force - Trap Ranger with his traps in hand
Swap Force - Magna Jet flies on rocket
Swap Force - Rattle Kraken ready to shoot
Swap Force - Hoot Loop unleashes his claws
Swap Force - Rattle Bomb takes aim
Swap Force - Trap Buckler with his awful traps
Spyro - Terrafin very angry
Swap Force - Grilla Drilla with his punch auger
Swap Force - Stink Rouser launches arrows ninja
Swap Force - The fearsome Rattle Zone
Swap Force - The powerful Grilla Charge
Swap Force - Blast Charge ready to drop bombs
Swap Force - Rubble Zone ready to jump
Swap Force - Doom Jet with the cannon and shield
Swap Force - The combative Fire Charge
Swap Force - Magna Charge ready to attack
Swap Force - The rapid Boom Blade
Swap Force - The powerful Rubble Drilla
Swap Force - Freeze Charge ready to attack
Swap Force - Free Charge is launching a cutting disc
Swap Force - Rubble Jet ready to strike with his hammer
Swap Force - The terrible Rattle Ranger
Swap Force - Rattle Jet with his rifle
Swap Force - Free Jet flies on the rocket
Swap Force - Fire Kraken ready to launch his weapon
Swap Force - The terrible Hoot Shake
Swap Force - Free Shake ready to attack
Swap Force - The strongman Grilla Drilla
Swap Force - Boom Kraken is launching the rocket
Swap Force - Magna Shift with his fiery cannon
Swap Force - Blast Stone even more powerful
Swap Force - Free Ranger with its cutting discs
Swap Force - Fire Kraken attacks
Swap Force - Doom Stone with his bazooka and his shield
Swap Force - Freeze Blade and the Chompy
Swap Force - Blast Bomb throws bombs
Swap Force - The fearsome Kraken Fire
Swap Force - Blast Zone holding his bombs
Swap Force - The powerful Blast Zone
Swap Force - Magna Charge with his arm on fire
Swap Force - Freeze Blade throws his weapon
Spyro - Drobot Blink and destroy!
Spyro - Boomer Bring the boom!
Spyro - Camo - Stump Smash - Zook - Stealth Elf
Spyro - Zook Travado e Carregado!
Spyro - Whirlwind Twists of fury!
Giants - Chill Stay cool!
Spyro - Stealth Elf Silent but deadly!
Spyro - Dino Rang Come rang or shine!
Spyro - Trigger Happy No gold, no glory!
Spyro - Hex Fear the dark!
Spyro - Slam Bam - Zap - Wham Shell - Gill Grunt
Spyro - Bash - Dino Rang - Prism Break - Terrafin
Spyro - Double Trouble Boom shock-a-laka!
Spyro - Sonic Boom - Lightning Rod - Warnado - Whirlwind
Giants - Swarm Bring the sting!
Spyro - Ignitor Slash and burn!
Spyro - Stump Smash Drop the hammer!
Giants - Hot Dog See spot burn!
Spyro - Eruptor - Flameslinger - Ignitor - Sunburn
Giants - Chill ready to attack
Spyro - Chop Chop - Ghost Roaster - Hex - Cynder
Spyro - Drobot - Trigger Happy - Boomer - Drill Sergeant
Giants - Tree Rex Be afraid of the bark!
Spyro - Voodood Axe first, questions later!
Spyro - Trigger Happy ready to fire
Spyro - Terrafin It's feedin' time!
Spyro - Sunburn Roast and toast!
Spyro - Stump Smash uses his hammers
Spyro - Stealth Elf with his daggers
Spyro the little dragon
Spyro - Gill Grunt Fear the fish!
Spyro - Ghost Roaster No chain no gain!
Spyro - Eruptor Born to burn!
Spyro - Chop Chop Slice and Dice!
Spyro - Bash Rock and roll!

Printable and coloring pages of Skylanders. The band of heroes with the Portal Masters needs your help to mantain peace and balance in Skylands.

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