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The Smurfs

The Smurfs is animated series at first created and introduced as a series of comic characters by the Belgian comics artist Peyo. The television series was released for the first time in North America from September 12, 1981 until December 19, 1990. In all these years have been produced 421 episodes divided in nine seasons.

The story is based on a fictional colony of small blue humanoids who live in mushroom-shaped houses in the forest. The Smurfs are composed of more than a hundred characters whose names are based on adjectives that emphasize their characteristics, such as "Joker Smurf", who likes to play jokes on his friends. Then there is "Smurfette", she was the first female to be introduced in the series.

The Smurfs have blue skin, they are three apples and a little more, wearing white trousers with a hole to let out their little tail and a white hat.

The Smurfs are very peaceful people who live together in the woods, but like all the characters you meet, they have a bitter enemy, a man named Gargamel who, with his evil cat named Azrael, always tries to capture the Smurfs.

Marine Smurf swims with fins at the bottom of the sea
Baby Smurf in the arms of Papa Smurf touches Grouchy Smurf nose
Painter Smurf starts to draw his next framework
Lazy Smurf sleeping under a mushroom
Grouchy Smurf is is getting angry
Brainy Smurf with pen and ink
A Smurf is crying
Enamored Smurf is carrying a flower Smurfette
The Smurfs house to color
Harmony Smurf plays the accordion
Smurfette has received a bouquet of flowers
The house of the Smurfs in the meadow
Grouchy Smurf with his usual angry face
Painter Smurf with brushes and color in hand for a new job
Smurfette dancing with Joker Smurf
Chef Smurf tastes the dish prepared
The beautiful Smurfette makes a bewitching look
Brainy Smurf shows off his new dress
Farmer Smurf admires the crop with a blade of grass in his mouth
Smurfette is thrilled to have received a gift
Smurfette happy jumps while sniffing a flower
Lazy Smurf asleep lying on the moon
Joker Smurf greets
The Smurfs sing in chorus
Hefty Smurf trains with the rings
Smurfette is very excited
The Smurfs play the drum
Enamored Smurf counts the petals of a flower
The house of the Smurfs built in a mushroom
Smurfette walking alone in the woods
Joker Smurf is going to bring down Lazy Smurf from the hammock
Smurfette is holding Baby Smurf
Joker Smurf jumping happy
Papa Smurf greets
Gargamel and his cat Azrael think about how to capture the Smurfs
Vanity Smurf looks in the mirror
Smurfette is the timid
The evil Gargamel walking furtively
Smurfette wants to show something
The forest where the Smurfs live
Greedy Smurf eats a pizza
Papa Smurf indicates something
Joker Smurf skating on ice
Farmer Smurf and Sassette Smurfling are in the meadow
Handy Smurf walking with his work tools
Harmony Smurf plays the trumpet
Joker Smurf indicates something to Smurfette
The family of the Smurfs
Papa Smurf with his arms crossed behind his back
Enamored Smurf brings a daisy to Smurfette
Brainy Smurf with a book
Smurfette walks with sunglasses and a towel

Printable and coloring pages of The Smurfs. The little blue men, led by Papa Smurf, waiting for you to live together fantastic adventures against the evil Gargamel and his cat Azrael.

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