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Halloween is a popular festival of Celtic origin that is celebrated on the night of October 31st. It is most commonly connected to the Samhain Celtic festival, originally written as Samuin, which derives from the ancient Irish and roughly means "end of summer".

The party then spread to the United States with more macabre forms, the children in fact go around the houses of the neighborhood dressed up as ghosts, monsters or witches reciting the fabulous formula "trick or treat!".

A little girl with a witch's hat
A cute little spider climbs on its spider web
A very large pumpkin to color
A skeleton comes out of a box
Three cute ghosts fly nearby
A cute little spider goes down with the thread of its spiderweb
A Halloween pumpkin to be colored
A cute bat to color
A very nice little witch
Four pumpkins with four different smiles
A pumpkin with an evil sneer
A skeleton leaning on a wooden sign
A ghost flies happy
A witch's hat
A classic Halloween pumpkin to color
A Halloween pumpkin with attached leaves
A Halloween pumpkin just ready for the party
A witch is painting a frog
A nice Halloween writing
A mummy walking while the bats follow her
Three pumpkins with very sweet little face
A witch flies happily in the moonlight
Three witches are preparing a magic potion
The ghost flies in front of the window
Halloween to be colored
Halloween design with trick or treat
Witches skulls and many other scary Halloween images
The witch flies on her broom
A pumpkin with a witch's hat
A giant pumpkin with a very scary look
Halloween shopping bag for trick or treat
Skull mask for Halloween
Happy Halloween banner with a witch and a bat
A pumpkin for nothing scary
A beautiful pumpkin with a smile
A pumpkin prepared for the Halloween party
Halloween banner with three pumpkins attached
Banner for the Halloween party with ghost witches and spiderwebs
Happy Halloween banner with a pumpkin and candles
Happy Halloween scary banner
A child dressed as a ghost asks for trick or treat
A little girl dressed as a witch with a pumpkin in her hand
The house of ghosts is all ruined
Four pumpkins on top of each other laughing
The kitten inside the pumpkin with spider stuck to the tail
The ghost inside the pumpkin with the little spider
Pumpkin with scythe in his hand
Bats attack the spiders on the tower
The bat flies over the pumpkin
Halloween banner with pumpkin cat and spider webs
The skeleton walks with the pumpkin in his hand
The witch flies at full speed on her broom
Spooky landscape with tombs and bats
The witch returns to her ghostly house
Scary ghost flying
Ghost chubby drooling

Halloween coloring pages. Have fun printing and coloring Halloween designs. Pumpkins, witches and ghosts are waiting for you to scare all your friends.

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