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Yo-kai Watch

Yo-kai Watch is a series of role-playing games, created and developed by Level-5. The original game was released for Nintendo 3DS in Japan in July 2013 by Level-5, while in North America was released in November 2015 and in Europe in April 2016 by Nintendo.

The protagonist is a guy named Nathan, who, one day, while looking for insects in the woods near the town of Springdale (Sakura New Town in the Japanese version), finds a capsule machine next to a sacred tree.

When one of the caps opens, the ghostly Yo-kai Whisper comes out to give Nathan a special device known as Yo-kai Watch. Using this special watch, Nathan is able to identify the various Yo-kai.

With the help of Yo-kai Jibanyan, a cat-type Yo-kai, Nathan and Whisper begin to make friends with all kinds of Yo-kai who can evoke and fight instead the most malicious ones they encounter in the city and cause trouble terrible.

Yo kai Walkappa in the middle of the bubbles
Walkappa launches water
Jibanyan and his special move
Yo kai Komashura
Nate is ready to discover a new Yo kai
Komasan and Komajiro the two Yo kai together
Katie Forester is Nathan's adventurer
One Yo kai over the spider web
Jibanyan one Yo kai always happy
Yo kai Cheeksqueek with his huge cheeks
Whisper the ghost Yo kai with a screen in his hand
Dismarelda with her blobby appearance
Yo kai Roughraff with his large orange pompadour
Yo kai Whisper the phantom Nate's friend
The snake Yo kai Noko
Yo kai Jibanyan is happy
Komasan or Komajiro happy
Barnaby Bernstein called Bear the best friend of Nate
Orcanos is about to hit a shot
Wazzat seems a green Yo-kai that resembles a top hat
Yo kai Jibanyan with his arms on his hips
Fidgephant with its buttons in place of the eyes
Robonyan with a mysterious Yo kai
Komasan or Komajiro you can decide the character
The terrible Orcanos with his bat
Nate is about to activate the Yo kai watch
Yo kai Toadal Dude in action
Yo kai Jibanyan exults with his arms raised
Robonyan the robot coming from the future
Blazion is a fiery lion yo-kai with a white scar on his forehead
Yo kai Hovernyan with his cloak
The legendary Yo kai Shogunyan
Yo kai Jibanyan jump happy
Tattletell resembles an elderly woman
Whisper the ghost released by Nate
Yo kai Shogunyan with his sword
Jibanyan is the cat-type Yo-kai

Printable and coloring pages of Yo-kai Watch. Nathan, Yo-kai Whisper and Yo-kai Jibanyan are waiting for you to experience fantastic adventures.

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