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The Secret Life of Pets

the Secret Life of Pets is a 2016 animated film produced by Illumination Entertainment, directed by Chris Renaud and co-directed by Yarrow Cheney.

A Jack Russell Terrier, named Max, lives with Katie his owner in a Manhattan apartment. During the day, while Katie is at work, Max meets the other pets that live in the building: Chloe a tabby cat, Mel a pug, Buddy a dachshund and Sweetpea a budgerigar.

One day Katie adopts Duke, a big hairy dog ​​from the pound. Obviously this triggers jealousy in Max, which feels sidelined by his beloved owner. Duke, infuriated by the attitude that Max has against him, trying to leave him in an alley, but both are attacked by a gang of alley cats led by a Sphynx cat (naked cat) named Ozone.

The two dogs are saved by a white rabbit named Snowball, the leader of a gang of street animals, "The Flushed Pets", who hates humans because their owners have abandoned them and mistreated.

Max and Duke, in order to be accepted in the band, pretend to despise humans, but Snowball is learned by the cats that the two dogs are domesticated.

Duke and Max escape but in flight inadvertently kill the viper. Snowball vows to kill them.

From now for the two dogs begin an adventure that will involve many of their friends, and that at the end will lead the two rivals to forge a strong friendship.

Duke and Max the two Katie dogs
Duke happy with his tongue out
The Snowball rabbit with his carrot on the hand
Max the Jack Russell with the medal around his neck
Gidget a white Pomeranian
The Secret Live of Pets
The happy pug Mel with tongue out
Chloe the chubby tabby cat
Tiberius the red-tailed hawk
Buddy happy with his tongue out
Buddy the dachshund seems a sphinx
Chloe the tabby cat with a look a bit puzzled
Gidget the beautiful white Pomerian
Max is a bit sad for the Duke arrival
Duke smiles
Max is sad
Max and Duke together in their home
Duke escapes with Max in the mouth
Max and Duke together in the dog's bed
Mel the funny pug friend of Max
The terrible cat Ozone makes the hump
The Pomeranian Gidget
The budgerigar Sweetpea
Max the Katie Jake Russel Terrier
The tabby cat Chloe emptied the whole refrigerator
The tabby cat Chloe wants to eat a whole chickens
Pops a basset hound paralyzed in his back legs
The evil rabbit Snowball
Max the Jack Russell has a sad look
Duke's new Katie dog taken to the pound
Buddy the dachshund gets a massage with an appliance
Gidget is sleeping on the sofa with her tongue out

Printable and coloring pages of The Secret Live of Pets. Max and Duke are waiting to live, along with their friends, fantastic adventures on the run from the white rabbit Snowball.

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