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Iron Man

Iron Man is a fictional superhero created by Stan Lee and Don Heck and published by Marvel Comics.

Iron Man is born from the brilliant mind of Anthony Edward Stark called by all Tony Stark, an American engineer billionaire, business magnate and owner of Stark Industries, a leader in the production of weapons of war.

Following the war in Vietnam, Tony decides to help the US contingent. He travels in places of war, for a demonstration of some of his new weapons, falls victim to an ambush, remaining badly injured by some shrapnel from an exploded mine, which is going to stick very close to the heart. His captors attempt to force him to build a weapon of mass destruction.

Tony is saved by the famous physicist Ho Yisen, his cellmate, who shoves a magnetic plate in the chest in order to slow the progression of shrapnel to his heart and also helps him, during his imprisonment, to use the material in their disposal, not to make weapons, but rather to create an armor which allows Tony to kill his prisoners and escape. During the fight, however Yisen sacrifices his life to give time to Tony to wear and load the armor.

Returned to America Tony decides to perfect his invention and to use his power to protect the world, assuming the identity of Iron Man. Tony stops also build weapons for the US and decides to use its assets to create the Avengers, a group of superheroes to defend the world.

Iron Man ready to shoot with the palm of his hand
Iron Man ready to fire with his ray destroyer
Iron Man is going at supersonic speed
the Iron Man mask
Iron Man is loading his weapon
The Iron Man armor enhanced with machine gun and missiles
Iron Man flies high in the sky
Iron Man ready to fight
Iron Man standing in his armor
Iron Man ready to strike with all its might
Iron Man reaches supersonic speed
Iron Man is going to shoot with its rays
Iron Man flies quickly skyward
Iron Man wants to challenge his enemy
Iron Man is rising in flight with its thrusters
Iron Man is going to charge its ray disintegrator
Iron Man has landed with his powerful armor
The Iron Man threatening look
Iron Man in the sky
Iron Man was going to hit with his iron fist
Iron Man ready to launch his ray from the palm of his hand
Iron Man breaks a chain with his strength
Iron Man avoids a danger
Iron Man clenches his fists
The Iron Man's face
Iron Man ready to fight against the enemy
Iron Man in his classic pose after landing
The Iron Man armor equipped with machine guns and missiles
Iron Man is always attentive to the dangers
Iron Man ready to launch an iron fist
Iron Man in flight launches missiles
The Iron Man head
Iron Man shoots while he is flying
Iron Man runs
Iron Man shoots with his ray disintegrator
Iron Man while destroying an enemy

Printable coloring pages of Iron Man. Enjoy print and color the drawings of Iron Man the superhero who founded the Avengers.

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