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The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a 1989 animated film directed by John Musker and Ron Clements and produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.

The film is based on the homonymous fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen and tells the story of Ariel, a beautiful sixteen year old mermaid, not completely satisfied with her life at the bottom of the sea and therefore very intrigued by the human world.

Despite the warnings of his father, King Triton, not to rise to the surface and despite the prohibition of the same to approach the human race, Ariel, along with her faithful friend, the fish Flounder, always seeks contact with human culture.

One day Ariel goes to the surface to see Prince Eric's birthday party on a ship, but suddenly a very strong storm sinks the ship. The prince, at the mercy of the waves and unconscious, is saved by Ariel, who, already in love, sings a song. Before the prince regains his senses, to avoid being seen, Ariel plunges into the depths of the sea, but now Eric has been fascinated by the wonderful voice that saved him and decides so that he must absolutely find her.

Meanwhile, King Triton, aware of the change in mood of Ariel, asks for an explanation to Sebastian, a crab who serves as Triton's adviser. Sebastian tells Triton that Ariel has fallen in love with a human being. The King reaches Ariel in the cave, where the little mermaid keeps hidden all the human objects found on the surface and he destroys everything with his trident.

Ursula, the sea witch, the bitter enemy of Triton, has witnessed the whole scene through her magic sphere. The witch decides to exploit the moment of crisis between father and daughter, to take control of Atlantica and thus sends her guards, two moray eels, Flotsam and Jetsam, to convince Ariel to visit their mistress, the only one able to help her with her beloved Eric.

Ariel, to review the prince, decides to come to terms with Ursula. The witch turns Ariel into a human being for three days in exchange for her voice, which imprisons in a shell, during these three days Ariel will have to receive the "kiss of true love" from Eric, otherwise she will turn into a mermaid again and she will belong forever to Ursula.

Ariel, transformed into a human, is brought to the beach by Flounder and Sebastian and is found there by Prince Eric who takes her to the castle. The little mermaid, deprived of her beautiful voice, can not be recognized by the prince, who, however, after a few days, begins to fall in love, so that the two are close to kiss if it were not for the intervention of the two moray eels. Ursula decides to turn into a beautiful girl with the voice of Ariel and with a spell conquer the prince. The witch, however, right at the time of the wedding with the prince, is unmasked by Sebastian, who runs to seek help from Triton.

Meanwhile, Ariel and his friends try to stop Ursula. During the fight, the shell around the neck of Ursula falls and breaks. The voice of Ariel comes back and the prince's spell is eliminated. Eric realizes that Ariel saved his life during the storm and he runs to kiss her, but, just at that moment, the sun sets and Ariel shrinks into a mermaid.

Triton, coming from the depths of the sea, asks Ursula to free her daughter, but the witch confirms that the pact can not be broken. The king of the sea then offers to take the place of Ariel and so he is transformed into an alga.

Ariel and Eric decide to face Ursula and after a hard fight Eric manages to kill the witch by piercing her with the bowsprit of his ship. After the death of the witch, Triton regains his powers and realizing the love that the daughter feels for the prince decides to turn her into a human being.

So Ariel and Eric can finally get married.

Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian sleep in the deep water
Prince Eric keeps Ariel in his arms
A lobster dances and sings
Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian blow into the flutes
Ariel and Eric dressed as bride and groom
Ariel has a worried look
Ariel and Prince Eric defend themselves from the wicked Ursula
The beautiful little mermaid Ariel
Ariel and Flounder admire a beautiful bouquet of flowers
A beautiful close up of the little mermaid Ariel
Ariel with wet hair out of the water
Ariel and prince Eric take a boat trip
Sebastian the servant of King Triton
Flounder is a bright yellow and blue colored tropical fish
Ariel and Flounder lean their nose against each other
Ariel plays with Flounder
Ariel swims with Flounder and Sebastian undersea
Ariel combs in front of the mirror with a fork
Ariel dances with Triton while the other sea creatures play
Ariel dances with his father Triton at the bottom of the sea
Ariel holds a large shell in his hand
Ariel looks at Prince Eric with a look in love
Ariel sitting inside an open oyster
Ariel holds Sebastian and Flounder in her arms
Ariel the beautiful happy little mermaid
Ariel dreams with open eyes on a rock
Ariel happy to have become a woman
Ursula the evil witch of the sea
Ariel and Flounder admire Scuttle explaining how to use a fork
Prince Eric and Ariel, now married, greet all the marine friends
Ariel rides a dolphin while Flounder follows her
Ariel looks affectionately in the eyes of his friend Flounder
Ariel combs her hair with a fork
Fishes admire Ariel and Prince Eric on the boat
Sebastian directs an octopus that plays
Ariel goes in search of sunken human objects with Flounder
Ariel and Flounder watch Sebastian in a bubble
Ariel with a beautiful bow on her hair
Triton destroys with his trident the statue of Prince Eric
Triton embraces happy Ariel
Sebastian talks to Ursula
Ariel signs the pact with Ursula the witch of the sea
Triton talks to Ariel while Sebastian and Flounder listen
Prince Eric plays the flute on a rock
Ariel intrigued approaches a ship along with Flounder
Ariel and Prince Eric finally get married
Ariel looks towards the surface of the sea
Ariel embraces the statue of Prince Eric undersea
Ursula transformed into Veronica looks at herself in the mirror
Prince Eric and Max find Ariel on the beach
While Prince Eric plays the flute Max dances on the deck of the ship
Ariel wears a beautiful princess dress
Ariel is mirrored undersea
Ariel kisses Sebastian
Ariel takes the prince to the beach after the rescue
Ariel and Sebastian pursue Flounder undersea
Sebastian on a carriage pulled by two fish
Ariel rests on a rock at the bottom of the sea with Flounder
Triton and Flounder watch Ariel cut the birthday cake
The sirens watch Ariel astonished while she is looking at herself
Sebastian swims happily undersea
Sebastian shows a present to Ariel
Ariel turned into human dances with Prince Eric
Ariel speaks with seahorses
Sebastian dances undersea with the maracas
Ariel shows Flounder the flower in her hair
Flounder and Sebastian admire Ariel's legs happily

Have fun printing and coloring the drawings of the Little Mermaid. Help Ariel fall in love with Prince Eric.

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