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Coloring with pencils

Colored pencils Colored pencils are made by a color strip inserted into a wooden container. The mine consists of pigments finely ground and mixed with chemicals, the wooden casing may be circular or hexagonal.

Colored pencils are very effective for line drawings and for the retouches difficult to obtain with other materials. The variability of the stroke, the freshness and color personality are the most interesting features of this tool.

Market offer a large selection, depending on the brand may be more or less soft. There are also "watercolor" pencils which allow, using in combination with water, to obtain an effect very similar to watercolors.

How to store color pencils

Pencils will always be preserved with care, avoiding to let them fall or to take their shots that could break the mine inside the wood cover. You can sharpen the pencil with a blade in order to give it the shape you like, but if you think to make it use to a child is better to use the sharpener to avoid that, by imitation, end up to use dangerous objects.

How to use colored pencils

They are a powerful tool and at the same time simple to use, having the advantage of give very quickly idea of the final design, this is very important for drafts or sketches.

Colored pencils can be used in the same way as ordinary pencils. We start with very light stroke, and once all sections was complete we proceed to the care of every single detail. Do not draw lines and fill areas with a flat color, this would make a  woody and unrealistic design. The shadows are the most important part of the pencil drawing in both color and black and white.

You may also get different effects depending on the paper used. For a detailed and precise design the most suitable paper is smooth, but if the desired effect is to grainy should be used a more or less rough paper.

When the pencils are used gently, the stroke can be canceled easily, whereas the signs are more pronounced inevitably leave spots and shapes on paper and difficult to remove, so it's very important to predetermine the basic design before starting to color.

The colored pencils can also be combined with other painting techniques, even if this affect the purity of the technique used. To create special effects you can use over the paintings done in tempera or with acrylics. Someone also uses them to better define the details in watercolor painting.

How to get new colors

Being the color of two pencils solid it is impossible to merge them to get a new one. All color mixtures with pencils must be made during the design production on the sheet. Increasing the pressure of the pencils on the sheet you will get more saturated and bright colors, decreasing instead you will get the soft colors.

New colors for overlapping Shading two colors, placing one on the other, it is a good way to make gradual their mixing. Changing the pressure on one or on both of them will change the resulting color.

New colors with dashed lines in the same direction By making dashed lines of different colors in the same direction, by changing the length and the number of lines, increasing the distance between them and the pressure you can get excellent results for the search of new colors. A different technique, but always effective to mix colors, is to cross the dotted lines.

New colors with a close dotted stroke The colors can also be mixed by placing dots, dashes or other forms next to each other. This technique requires a longer time to obtain a good result, but it has a very pleasant final effect.

New colors with watercolor pencils Using pencils so-called "watercolor", you can get new shades of color wetting the stretch run with a film of water.

Do not forget that there is also the white pencil, this combined with other colors creates an ideal "soft" effect to fade, but beware, it will lose brilliance.

A warning

A drawing made in pencil can cause stains and spots on the sheets on which it comes into contact, for this reason the finished drawings should be sprayed with a fixative coat.

Materials and technical basis for drawing with colored pencils

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