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Aladdin is a 1992 animated film produced by Walt Disney.

Jafar, The Royal Vizier of the Sultanate of Agrabah attempts to recover a magic lamp containing a genius from the Cave of Wonders. His plan fails because he discovers that only "the diamond in the rough" can enter the cave.

Meanwhile, Jasmine, daughter of the Sultan, bored of her life at the palace, decides to flee to visit Agrabah market. Here he meets Aladdin and his monkey, Abu, a friendship is born between them.

Jafar discovers that Aladdin is the raw diamond he is looking for to enter the cave and decides to kidnap him. Jasmine returns to the palace and orders his release, but Jafar makes the princess believe that Aladdin has been executed.

Disguised as an old man, Jafar frees Aladdin and Abu from the prison and leads them to the Cave of Wonders, promising them a reward in exchange for the recovery of the lamp. Aladdin manages to find the magic lamp but Abu, despite having been forbidden, touches a beautiful ruby causing the collapse of the cave above them.

Imprisoned inside the cave Aladdin and Abu, after finding a magic carpet capable of flying, they inadvertently rub the lamp thus freeing the genius imprisoned inside. The genius introduces himself to Aladdin telling him that he can satisfy three of his desires (except to kill, make someone fall in love or rise from the dead). Aladdin manages to exploit the powers of the genius to get out of the cave without wasting any of his desires.

Outside the cave Aladdin decides to use his first wish to win Jasmine's heart. He asks the genius to transform him into a rich prince and he goes to the palace, where in the meantime Jafar is trying with hypnosis to convince the Sultan to give him the hand of the princess, in order to become him in his turn Sultan of Agrabah, but really while his plan is about to come, Aladdin arrives.

Jasmine just sees the prince "Ali Ababua" falls in love, also because she immediately realizes that he is none other than the boy of the market who had helped her the days before. From this moment on, Jasmine and Aladdin face many difficulties to save themselves from the perfidious Jafar who wants at all costs to eliminate Prince "Alì Ababua", the only obstacle to his sinister plans.

Iago the Jafar's parrot, meanwhile, discovers that the prince is Aladdin and manages to steal his lamp and take it to his master, who thus becomes the new master of genius. Obviously Jafar uses his desires to become the new Sultan and the most powerful Sorcerer in the world. However, Aladdin finally managed to defeat Jafar with cunning. It reminds him that he is not yet the most powerful Sorcerer of all time, because the genius of the lamp is even stronger than him. This convinces Jafar to use his third wish to turn himself into the genius of the lamp, not taking into account however the fact that a genius is not free and thus ends up imprisoned in his own lamp.

Aladdin decides, as promised, to use his third and last wish to finally free the genius from the lamp and to live happily with Jasmine.

Aladdin at the market with Abu plays with bananas
The terrible guards of the Sultan
The palace of the Sultan of Agrabah
Jasmine cuddles the Raja tiger
Jasmine on the edge of the tub with a waterlily in her hand
the Royal Vizier Jafar rub the lamp to call the Genius
Aladdin and Abu fly on the magic carpet
Princess Jasmine feeds the doves
Jasmine and Aladdin fly over a stream with the magic carpet
Princess Jasmine moves sinuously in the palace garden
Princess Jasmine combs her hair in front of the mirror
Aladdin and Abu fly on the magic carpet in the middle of the flames
The nice monkey Abu
The Abu monkey happy in the midst of jewels
Jasmine lets the birds fly away
Aladdin avoided the evil Jafar's sword
Aladdin and Abu escape with the flying carpet
Jasmine on the balcony speaks with Prince Ali Ababua
The magic carpet blows the genius of the lamp and Aladdin
Aladdin hugs Jasmine while watching the fireworks
Aladdin and the Genie of the lamp shake hands
Aladdin and Jasmine happy at a table while the genius serves them
Aladdin offers an apple to Jasmine
Jasmine hugs the tiger Raja tightly
Prince Ali Ababua proud over the elephant
The genius of the lamp sits comfortably on a cloud
Jasmine and Aladdin fly happily among the birds
Jasmine caresses Aladdin on the flying carpet
Prince Ali Ababua flies on the terrace of Princess Jasmine
Jasmine walks arm in arm to Aladdin for the Agrabah market
Jasmine holds Aladdin's hand on the flying carpet
Aladdin holding the little monkey Abu
Jasmine and Aladdin are followed by horses as they fly on the carpet
The genius of the lamp embraces the tiger Raja
Jasmine tenderly embraces a little bird
Prince Ali Ababua helps Jasmine get off the flying carpet
Aladdin and Jasmine happy on the flying carpet
Aladdin and Jasmine receive the blessing from the Sultan of Agrabah
Jasmine speaks to Prince Ali Ababua from the terrace
The Genie of the lamp hold in his hands Aladdin and Abu
Jasmine caresses the tiger Raja
The genius of the lamp holds Jasmine Aladdin Abu and the magic carpet
Jafar turned into a cobra holds Aladdin in his coils
The genius of lamp talks to Aladdin as he holds Abu in his hand
Aladdin and the genius of the lamp
Jasmine caresses a little bird
Aladdin and Jasmine fly on the flying carpet
Jasmine thoughtfully looks out of the balcony

Have fun printing and coloring the drawings of Aladdin, Jasmine and the Genie of the Lamp. Live with them fantastic adventures in the kingdom of Agrabah where fantasy exceeds reality.

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