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Sing is a 2016 American animated film, directed and written by Garth Jennings and produced by Illumination Entertainment.

During the film the characters interpret more than 60 classic songs of famous artists as well as an original song by Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande called "Faith".

In a world of anthropomorphic animals, the koala Buster Moon, to bail out its theater, decides to organize a singing competition in order to raise the money needed to save the structure.

Many animals, from all cities, come together to the hearings, but only some of them are chosen: Meena adolescent elephant who loves to sing but that is at the same time terrified from the stage, Rosita a pig mother of 25 piglets who stressed by the family routine wants to give a meaning to her life, Ash a female porcupine who would like to form a band with her boyfriend, Johnny a teenage Cockney-accented gorilla that wants to become a singer but with a father at the head of a robbers gang and Mike an arrogant white mouse with Frank Sinatra attitudes that during the hearings teases the other competitors.

Buster the koala and all the others singers will be able to solve their problems and achieve their dreams...

The optimist koala Buster Moon owner of the theater
The koala Buster Moon in front of the theater
The white mouse Mike plays the sax
Johnny the Cockney gorilla leaning against the wall
The porcupine Ash plays her guitar
The shy pig Rosita
The gorilla Johnny with his jacket
The koala Buster Moon sat leaning against the desk
The nice snail singing at microphone
Buster Moon presents the show
Johnny Ash and Buster Moon faces
Rosita the pig performs on stage
Rosita the pig performs with the chair
The koala Buster Moon together with the other singers
The elephant Meena meditates
Sing the koala Buster Moon show
The porcupine Ash with his guitar

Printable and coloring pages of Sing. The koala Buster Moon and all aspiring singers: Meena, Rosita, Ash, Johnny and Mike will make you discover the magic of the show.

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