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Shimmer and Shine

Shimmer and Shine is an American animated series, created by Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz.

The protagonists are a girl named Leah, her neighbor Zac and two twins Shimmer and Shine, geniuses, come out of a magical bottle.

Leah tries to keep the identity of the two geniuses hidden , even though they always combine messes and run the risk of being discovered.

Shimmer dances alone near the beach
Tala and Nahal fly over a cloud
Nahal sitting on a pillow
Nazboo the Zeta's little dragon
Princess Samira with the little dragon Nazboo
Roya the peacock of Princess Samira
Shine ready to make a magic
Princess Samira is the ruler of Zahramay Falls
Shimmer and Shine dance together
Leah with her hair tied in a beautiful ponytail
Shimmer and Shine fly on the magic carpet
Zeta the enemy of Shimmer and Shine with a potion in his hand
Zeta the enemy of Shimmer and Shine
the tiger Nahal sits comfortably
Leah and Zac in the living room in front of the fireplace
Shimmer and Shine are sitting with Tala and Nahal
The tiger Nahal sitting on a cloud
Tala the little monkey with open arms
Shimmer dressed as a dancer
Shine jumps with the tiger Nahal
The little monkey Tala inside a sugar bowl
Shine dances with her hands up as Shimmer looks at her
The Shimmer and Shine twins above the clouds
The tender tiger Nahal walks alone
The twins Shimmer and Shine dance
Shimmer and Shine fly on the magic carpet together with Tala and Nahal

Have fun printing and coloring the drawings of Shimmer and Shine, the two little geniuses combine trouble

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