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Curious George

Curious George is a television cartoon series produced by Imagine Entertainment, Universal and WGBH Boston. The series is based on characters of children's books by Margret Rey and Hans Rey August and the eponymous film.

The series was created with the aim of introducing children, aged three to five years, to the world of science, mathematics and engineering.

The learning and new discoveries are made through irony and humor of a curious little brown monkey named George, who, with the help of his master, the Man with the Yellow Hat, always seeking to understand and find a scientific explanation for everything that happens in the various rooms.

George prepares a cake by writing his name on it
George sat on the leaves try to take a fly
George stretches an arm
George paints the wall with colors and brush
George raises his hands to the sky
George plays with water along with a giraffe
George goes down the rapids with the canoe
George called the elevator
George draws the Man with the Yellow Hat
George firefighter opens a fire hydrant
George happy on fire truck
George tries to catch the butterflies
The Man with the Yellow Hat held George on his arm
George goes with suitcase and her teddy bear
George takes a bath with foam
George is painting
George peeps out of the hat
George eats a banana leaning on Ted hat
George is thinking about what to do
George on the Ted shoulders
George out his tongue
George tries to touch a butterfly
George whole earth dirty looks amused a bee
George enjoys doing somersaults
George happy eating a banana swinging on a liana
George looks intrigued a cactus plant
George exults happy because he dumped the canary from the cage
The Man with tha Yellow Hat calls George
George tries to fly with balloons
George looks happy his tower of ice cream
The Man with the Yellow Hat looks serious George
Ted finds George under his hat
George fly attached to balloons
The Man with the Yellow Hat speaks with George
George happy with a hat on his head
George with Ted hat
George the monkey observes a flower
George the monkey observes curiously
George dropped the ice cream

Printable and coloring pages of Curious George. The curious monkey and the Man with the Yellow Hat are waiting for you to live together fantastic adventures in the world of science.

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