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Spider-Man is a masked superhero invented in 1962 by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and published by Marvel Comics.

Peter Parker is a boy who attends Midtown High School and lives in Queens with his Aunt May and his Uncle Ben with whom leads a happy life without too many worries. At school, however, he is teased by other students and often left alone, given his state of "nerd". Peter is in fact an introverted boy, he loves to study (especially science), he is slender and bespectacled and so very different from his classmates.

One day he decides to go to a sciences demonstration on radiations, but he is bitten by a radioactive spider and so he acquires the agility and proportionate strength of an arachnid. Peter discovers that he has acquired the supernatural powers as the ability to climb on walls, a highly developed hearing and a great force.

To further test his powers the boy decides to challenge a fighter in the ring with a rudimentary mask. Winning in seconds and impressing the audience, Peter is hired by a producer to appear with his powers to the tv in a hit show.

One day, after a show, Peter has the opportunity to stop a thief who just robbed the studios but, blinded by success, let him run away not even trying to stop him. But that same thief, days later, seeking the spoils of a gangsters in the Parker's home, is surprised by Uncle Ben. The thief shots and killed Uncle Ben and runs away taking refuge in an old warehouse.

Arrived home, Peter discovers the terrible news, infuriated, he dresses as Spider-Man and attacks the thief, defeating him and handing it to the police. The boy discovers that he is the same thief who had left flee days before and so Peter understands that "With great power there must also come great responsibility!". Then he promises to himself not to let escape never any criminal, making him a real superhero.

Spiderman launches the web while flying
White Rabbit a supervillainess
Spiderman vs Venom
Spiderman on the roof
Spiderman flies with cobwebs
Spiderman rests
Spiderman against an enemy
Spiderman flies with cobwebs between the skyscrapers of the city
Spiderman standing on a skyscraper
Spiderman on the lamppost
Spiderman hits Venom with a kick
Spiderman in the web
Spiderman launches a cobweb against Doctor Octopus
Spiderman flies over Doctor Octopus
Spiderman vs Doctor Octopus
Spiderman raises a beam
Spiderman strikes Doctor Octopus
Doctor Octopus hits by Spiderman
Spiderman salva Mary Jane
Spiderman on the terrace
Spiderman with his thumb
Doctor Octopus at work
Spiderman flying between skyscrapers with cobwebs
Doctor Octopus vs Spiderman
Peter Parker saves Mary Jane
Spiderman caught in flight by Doctor Octopus
Doctor Octopus kidnaps Mary Jane
Spiderman fights against Doctor Octopus
Spiderman and Doctor Octopus
Spiderman trapped by Doctor Octopus
Spiderman shoots a cobweb on the face to Doctor Octopus
Spiderman looks Doctor Octopus
Spiderman shoots a cobweb
Spiderman against Doctor Octopus as he steals bank
Doctor Octopus and his gang
Spiderman launches Dr Octopus out of the window
Spiderman grabbed by Doctor Octopus
Doctor Octopus and the policeman
Doctor Octopus uses his tentacles
Spiderman strikes Doctor Octopus with a steel beam
Spiderman attacked by a Doctor Octopus steel tentacle
Spiderman climbs
Doctor Octopus with the loot
Dottor Octopus in a bank
Doctor Octopus and his tentacles
The Doctor Octopus tentacles
Doctor Octopus electrified
Doctor Octopus and his invention
Doctor Octopus is working with his tentacles
Doctor Octopus
Spiderman saves a girl flying with the web
Spiderman vs Lizard
Spiderman waits on spiderweb
Spiderman chases the bad guys
Spiderman launches with cobwebs
Peter Parker speaks with a child
Peter Parker runs
Spiderman resting in a hammock
Spiderman flying
Spiderman flying between skyscrapers
Spiderman half-length
Spiderman saves a girl
Spiderman to the rescue of a man
Peter Parker savesa boy
The Spiderman's face
Spiderman standing
The Peter Parker Birthday
Peter Parker at school
Spiderman photo
Photographed Spiderman
Peter Parker
Spiderman atop skyscraper

Printable and coloring pages of Spiderman. Have fun coloring Spiderman's drawings, the superhero with spider powers.

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