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The Good Dinosaur

The Good Dinosaur is a 2015 animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

65 million years ago, during the tertiary era, an asteroid entered a collision course with Earth but, thanks to Jupiter's gravity, it is diverted, avoiding the extinction of all dinosaurs.

Meanwhile, on our planet, two Apatosaurus farmers called Henry and Ida have three children: Libby, Buck and the smallest, Arlo. While Libby and Buck can easily adapt to life on Earth and assume their responsibilities at the farm, Arlo's timid nature makes his tasks very difficult.

In order to spur Arlo to become more enterprising, Henry entrusts him with the task of guarding the silos and helping him configure the traps. One day, a caveboy ends up in a trap, but Arlo can not kill him and so leaves him free. Henry, strongly disappointed by his son, decides to accompany Arlo to the baby. Father and son must pass by a ravine, but it begins to rain and Arlo slips and hurt; the father decided to go back, but a landslide surprised them. Henry manages to save Arlo before being overwhelmed and killed.

With the death of his father, Arlo must help the mother with the crop before the first snow comes. One day, however, he discovers in a silos the little caveboy and chases him until both fall into a river. He hits his head on a rock and is knocked unconscious. At his awakening, the little dinosaur realizes he is away from home and must rely on his own strength to survive.

Life in the prehistoric world is, however, very difficult and Arlo is terrified. When everything seems to be lost, Arlo meets the small man of the caves that helps him, giving him berries to eat and defeating a snake who wanted to devour them.

Arlo and Spot (as the dinosaur called the caveboy) become friends and begin to live together a fantastic adventure full of dangers. They become friends of a T-Rex group, struggling and winning against the velociraptor, facing the pterodactyls and succeeding in having the best against the perfidious Thunderclap.

History, however, wants that dinosaurs and humans can not live together, and Spot, during the trip, meets a group of men. Arlo, with great sadness, allows him to reunite with his species and after a long hug the two separated.

At the end of the trip, Arlo became a brave dinosaur and managed to return to his family.

Arlo and Spot say goodbye
Arlo embraces her mom
Arlo looks beyond the cliff
Arlo and Spot look worried about the wings rising from the clouds
Arlo and Spot lick wounds
Spot found a family of caverns
Spot sleeps between Arlo's legs
Arlo is about to put his footprint on the silos
Spot is caressed by a tyrannosaurus rex
Arlo saves Spot from the river full
Arlo faces Thunderclap to defend Spot
Thunderclap and Downpour try to capture Spot in a trunk
Arlo and Spot look surprised at the first snow
Butch Ramsey and Nash are looking for buffaloes
Spot is happy on Arlo's back
Arlo is happy to put his footprint on the silos
Arlo flees scared
Arlo seeks to govern the herd of buffaloes
The tyrannosaurus rex Butch sitting on a stone
Spot bites one leg at Arlo
Two herd buffaloes
Spot sees a cavernous far away
Butch Ramsey Nash Arlo and Spot look hidden behind a rock
Arlo and Spot howl to the moon
Arlo and Spot are hiding in the grass
Nash attacks Thunderclap
Arlo looks at Thunderclap flying over him
Spot embraces Arlo as they fall from the waterfall
Ramsey and Nash scare Arlo and Spot
Arlo is frightened and hiding under a shrub
The nasty Thunderclap
Arlo looks Spot looking the fireflies
Arlo and Spot escape from pterodactyls
Arlo looks tenderly at Spot playing with the sand
Arlo is scared by a little bird while Spot looks at him amused
Bubbha jumps on Arlo
Arlo attacked by bloodsuckers
Puppy Arlo
Spot shows Arlo how to get lemmings out of the burrow
Spot with his exceptional snout found traces
The little Spot faces without fear a prehistoric snake
Spot has found some grapes for Arlo
Arlo finally managed to capture Spot
Spot waits Arlo at the top of the cliff
Spot seeks to capture a giant flying bug
Arlo follows the footsteps of Spot
Arlo tries to reach Spot at the top of the cliff
Bubbha is frightened by the mighty Butch tyrannosaurus
Arlo and Spot walk on the edge of the cliff
Ramsey looks behind him with a threatening air
Arlo looks scared down from the cliff
Arlo and Spot hide behind a tree
Spot swings on a branch of a tree
Arlo tries to eat berries on a tree
Arlo looks scared the lizard
Arlo and Spot fall from the cliff
Thunderclap Downpour and Coldfront in search of their prey
Arlo is taken away from his home by the stream of the river
Arlo repairs from the rain under the shrubs
Spot pulls the dust on Arlo
Nash tries to eat a giant cockroach
Two diplodocus look at the meteor that is falling on the ground
Arlo has loaded the cobs on his back
The little Spot scratches with one foot
Arlo is afraid of the hen in the fence
Arlo listens to Poppa Henry carefully
Ramsey walks between the rocks
Thunderclap captured the small Spot
Nash the tyrannosaurus walks in the prairie
The velociraptor Bubbha and Earl
Butch the gigantic tyrantosaurus
The little Spot hid under the belly of Arlo
Forrest Woodbush speaks with his friends on the horns
Spot the little caveboy
Libby and Buck are the older brothers of Arlo
Momma Ida the Arlo's mother
Poppa Henry the Arlo's father
Arlo is listening to his father Henry
Arlo scared by a firefly lying on his nose
Arlo escapes from two hens
Arlo looks sadly at the footprints on a silos
Poppa Henry and Momma Ida wait for the eggs to open
Arlo was born in his open egg
Buck the brother of Arlo
Happy Spot on Arlo's head
Butch's younger son Nash
Arlo brings a basket with the cobs
Butch's older daughter Ramsey
Spot laughs happy
Ramsey and Nash the two sons of Butch
Butch with his son Nash and his daughter Ramsey
Arlo finds Spot in a silos while eating cobwebs
Butch the T-Rex opens his frightening mouth
Arlo and Spot traveling
Little Spot travels happy on Arlo's back
Spot looks at Arlo in the eyes
Arlo walks along with his father Henry
Little Arlo walks happy
Arlo tries to turn on the fire

Have fun printing and coloring the designs of The Good Dinosaur. Arlo and Spot, the two unlikely friends of the prehistoric world, are waiting for you to live together fantastic adventures in the land of dinosaurs.

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