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Cinderella is a folk tale that has been narrated in hundreds of versions in much of the world. The best known versions are those of Giambattista Basile, Charles Perrault and the Grimm brothers.

The 1950 Walt Disney film, revised and modernized in the following years, has certainly made the character of Cinderella even more known and loved.

Cinderella is the beloved daughter of an aristocratic widower, who, convinced that his daughter must have a maternal figure to take care of her, decides to remarry. Then come into their lives Lady Tremaine, a cold and cruel woman with two daughters from a previous marriage: Drizella and Anastasia.

Unfortunately, Cinderella's father dies prematurely leaving the poor girl alone with her stepmother and the wicked stepsisters. Thus began a really sad period for our Cinderella who is forced to perform all the housework. The girl, despite the difficulties, grows sweet and gentle, she becomes a friend of all the animals, mice and birds that live around the castle.

One day, at the royal palace, the King and the Grand Duke organize a big party, in an attempt to find a suitable wife for the Prince. Cinderella gets permission from her stepmother to attend the party on condition that she finishes all the housework and finds a suitable dress for the ball. Cinderella, helped by her pet friends, manages to fix the whole house and sew a dress in time for the party.

The stepsisters jealous to prevent Cinderella from participating in the evening, accuse her of stealing a pearl necklace from them and they break her dress. At this point Cinderella can no longer participate at the ball, because she lacks a suit and a carriage to reach the royal palace, when she is about to leave all hope, as if by magic her Fairy Godmother appears, she transforms the remains of the dress destroyed in a beautiful white dress, with crystal shoes, uses a pumpkin to make it a carriage, the mice are transformed into horses, the horse in coachman and the dog Bruno into a footman. Cinderella is so ready to go to the ball, but first the Fairy Godmother warns her that the spell will break at the stroke of midnight.

At the ball, the Prince refuses every girl until he sees Cinderella. The two fall in love at first sight and begin to dance throughout the park of the castle, until the clock begins to play midnight and Cinderella, remembering the warning of the Fairy Godmother is forced to flee, but in the race loses one of the his glass shoes.

The King, informed by the Grand Duke, proclaims a warning stating that the Prince will marry only the girl who is able to wear the lost shoe. When the news reaches the house of Cinderella, the stepmother and the stepsisters are preparing for the arrival of the Duke.

In the meantime, Cinderella's stepmother realizing that Cindarella is the girl who danced with the Prince the night before, so she closes her in the attic. Cinderella, however, thanks to the help of his dear pet friends manages to free himself, reaches the Grand Duke and asks to try the shoe but Lady Tremaine drops the shoe on the ground and it breaks into pieces. But Cinderella still has the other crystal shoe with her and gives it to the Grand Duke who, with great wonder, sees that fits perfectly on the foot of Cinderella.

Cinderella and the Prince celebrate their marriage and live happily ever after.

Cinderella looks from the keyhole
Mice and birds help Cinderella make her dress
The mice Jaq and Gus smile happily
Anastasia admires a jewel
Lady Tremaine is not happy with how Cinderella works
Lady Tremaine scolds Cinderella
Jaq and Gus escape from Lucifer
Cinderella runs behind Jaq and Gus the two mice
Cinderella dances with the Prince
Cinderella with a magic wand tries to wake the Prince
Lady Tremaine hypnotizes Cinderella with a magic wand
A guard tries to remove Cinderella from the Prince
Lady Tremaine and Drizella with a guard
The Prince talks with Jaq and Gus the two mice
The King throws himself down the stairs to stop the Prince
The King stands before the horse to stop the Prince
Cinderella on the sailing ship looks sad the shore move away
The Prince falls from the window of the house
Prince descends from the sail to hug Cinderella
Cinderella and the Prince shake hands
The Prince brings Cinderella on horseback
Lady Tremaine Anastasia and Drizella look down from the tower
The King and the Grand Duke are agitated
The guards enter into the room
The Prince defends Cinderella
Lady Tremaine and Drizella turned into frogs
The Prince meets Anastasia transformed into Cinderella
Anastasia returns the magic wand to Cinderella
Cinderella uses the magic wand of the Fairy Godmother
Cinderella with dance dress
The Prince and Cinderella finally get married
Gus tries to save himself
Jaq pulls Lucifer's hat
Lucifer falls from the pumpkin and Cinderella looks scared
Cinderella on horseback with Gus and Jaq the two mice
The Prince waits for Cinderella at the altar
The King accompanies Cinderella to the altar
Lady Tremaine and Drizella plots hidden behind the curtain
The evil Lucifer
The priest is celebrating the wedding among Cinderella and the Prince
Cinderella stops the horse while Jaq and Gus escape
Cinderella chased by the guards
Drizella watches Lady Tremaine turn the guards into pigs
The King embraces Prince and Cinderella
Cinderella moves away from her stepmother Lady Tremaine and Lucifer
Lady Tremaine speaks with Cinderella
Lady Tremaine transforms Anastasia into Cinderella

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