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PAW Patrol

PAW Patrol is a Canadian animated series produced by Spin Master Entertainment with animation made by Guro Studio and created by Keith Chapman.

The protagonists of the series are Ryder, a ten year old boy and his rescue dog team, known as PAW Patrol. Their job is to intervene when necessary to protect the shoreside community of Adventure Bay, where they live.

Every dog ​​has a specific skill that allows him to contribute to the mission. As often as Ryder receives a call for help on his "Paw Pad", a technological super tablet, he calls all the PAW Patrol team in the Headquarters.

In top of the tower each dog wear their suit and a backpack full of useful tools called "pup packs". Depending on the problem to solve Ryder chooses dogs that will help him in the mission.

In turn the chosen dogs descend a ramp and land on their nest that, in the meantime, has become the vehicle that characterizes them. All together, with Ryder driving his quad, depart for the mission.

When they have finished, Ryder says his catchphrase: "Whenever you're in trouble, just yelp for help!" and congratulates the dogs. <\p>

Chase and Marshall look very curious
Zuma Rubble and Chase together
Marshall and Everest together
Skye and Everest together
Ryder runs indicating the exact point
Marshall lying waiting to be called for his mission
Rubble sat waiting for his mission
Rubble runs to his mission
Chase sat watching curiously
Skye looks curiously
The Paw Patrol logo
Marshall the Dalmatian breed is a firedog
Skye Marshall and Bubble ready for action
Ryder with Rocky Chase and Rubble
The beautiful Skye from the air rescue dog
Rocky recycler dog in action with his vehicle
Skye in action with his vehicle
Chase the police dog is resting sitting
The Paw Patrol medals
Everest a rescue dog for the snow
Everest the Siberian husky puppy
All team members of the Paw Patrol
Zuma Chase and Marshall are going to a costume party
Rubble Chase and Marshall three important members of the Paw Patrol
Three members of the Paw Patrol Skye Rocky and Zuma
Zuma labrador retriever puppy
Tracker one of the last members of PAW Patrol
Tracker Jack Russell puppy arrived from the jungle
Marshall is in front of his vehicle
The Paw Patrol all the team
Rocky and Marshall play together
Rubble the English Bulldog
Rubble the construction Bulldog
Chase is in front of his vehicle
Ryder with Chase the police dog
Ryder is a boy of ten years old leader of the Paw Patrol
Ryder the PAW Patrol leader
Zuma thel labrador retriever
Zuma the dog for the water rescue
Chase the German Shepherd is a police dog
Chase the police dog
Marshall the dalmatian puppy
Marshall the firedog
The beautiful dog Skye ready for mission
Skye the dog for air rescue

Printable and coloring pages of Paw Patrol. Ryder and his rescue dogs team is waiting for you to protect the Adventure Bay town.

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