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Cars is an animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios, directed by John Alan Lasseter and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

Lightning McQueen, young and ambitious race car, decides to cross the United States to participate in a major championship in California. But the journey on the legendary 'Route 66' is interrupted due to an accident and our protagonist is forced to stop in Radiator Springs, where he does the knowledge of exceptional vehicles: Mater, a rusty tow truck, Sally, a Porsche 911 and many others.

All these new friends will teach him how in life is not only important to arrive first and how it is nice to enjoy the journey.

Cars 2, directed by Brad Lewis and John Lasseter, is a 2011 animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. It is the sequel to Cars.

The popular Lightning McQueen and his friends Mater have to cross the ocean to participate in the first World Grand Prix history that will decide who will be the fastest car on the planet.

But the path to the race proves to be very tricky especially when Mater gets caught up in an operation of international espionage.

Torn between assisting Lightning McQueen in an important race or follow orders of a top secret mission, Mater is obliged, therefore, to move to an explosive chase through the streets of Japan and Europe, followed by his friends and watched by the whole world.

Lightning McQueen on the podium
Ramone is raised on the wheels
Mater has lying tractor
Lightning McQueen is going off track
The Volkswagen van Fillmore
The forklift Guido
Lightning McQueen tries to escape from Radiator Springs
Mater is happy
Doc Hudson talks to Lightning McQueen
Mack has the role of McQueen's transport
Mater is thoughtfully
Chick Hicks tries to overtake Strip Weathers better known as The King
Doc Hudson gives advice to Lightning McQueen during the race
Fillmore and Flo
Lightning McQueen hole a tire during the race
Guido replaces Lightning McQueen's tires during pit stops
Lightning McQueen close to the finish line
Lightning McQueen in countersteering during the race
Lightning McQueen watch the cup
Mater is dancing happy in the woods
Guido replaces the tires to Lightning McQueen
Mater and Sally are happy for the new asphalt
Doc Hudson and Sally control the asphalt
Mater recovers Lightning McQueen with the hook
Lightning McQueen competes with Doc Hudson
Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson make the race
Luigi in his shop
Flo Cadillac Eldorado
Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson observe the broken asphalt
Bessie the tarmac laying machine
Lightning McQueen and Sally in court
Sally Carrera in court
Stanley the founder of Radiator Springs
Doc Hudson judge of the Court
Lightning McQueen in danger on the highway
Mack woke from sneezing car
Lightning McQueen is in Mack
Lightning McQueen and Fillmore
Strip the King Weathers and Chick Hicks together on the podium
Lightning McQueen interviewed by journalists
The sheriff grumbles Mater
Strip Weathers and Chick Hicks crossed the finish line together
Lightning McQueen blew a tire
Lightning McQueen in front of Chick Hicks during the race
Angry forklifts
Strip the King Weathers racing on track
Lightning McQueen comes from Mack
Lightning McQueen imprisoned in the enclosure
Mater the tow truck
Lightning McQueen trapped in electric files
Lightning McQueen trapped in barbed wire
Jeff Gorvette (Cars 2)
Fillmore and Sarge avoid the barrels
The Sheriff waits behind a billboard advertising
Miguel Camino (Cars 2)
Holley Shiftweel (Cars 2)
David Hobbscap (Cars 2)
Finn McMissile (Cars 2)
The Brazilian Carla Veloso (Cars 2)

Printable and coloring pages of Cars. Lightining McQueen, Mater and all other friends is waiting for you to experience fantastic adventures together.

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