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Regal Academy

Regal Academy, produced by Rainbow Studio in co-production with Rai fiction, is an Italian animated series, created by Iginio Straffi, director and Italian television and film producer.

The characters of the tales, in trying to pass on to their future generations their stories, made of adventures and happy ends, create a school: the Regal Academy!

Rose, a teenager, belonging to the real world, thanks to a magic key, is catapulted into the world of fairy tales, where, she discovers that she is the nephew of Cinderella, the director of the Regal Academy.

A period begins for Rose characterized by adventures and twists, but, as in all fairy tales that are respected, good must always prevail over evil, and so Rose must ensure the happy ending of the fairy tales.

The wicked Vicky with the school uniform
A close-up of Travis Beast
Roses with a pumpkin in one hand and evening shoes in the other
Hawk Snow White is charming and highly popular among girls
Travis Beast with loose strings
Rose Joy and Astoria all together
Joy Le Frog is about to kiss his frog King
Rose with her magic wand
Astoria Rapunzel with its long hair
Rose with school uniform
Rose Cinderella sit on the pumpkin

Have fun printing and coloring the Regal Academy drawings. Rose and her friends are waiting for you at the Cinderella school, to experience fantastic adventures in the world of fairy tales

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