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Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom is a animated series created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker. It is a British animated series mainly addressed to preschoolers.

The natural and magical landscape where the episodes take place, populated by elves, fairies and insects, invites the little ones to respect the environment.

The message that the series wants to transmit to children is to learn how to deal with all the little setbacks, which are encountered in everyday life, in a positive way and always with a smile.

Just like Ben and Holly do, an elf and a fairy, main characters of the cartoon, who always manage to transform even the most dramatic of situations into something funny; also helped by the lively little sisters Daisy and Poppy, the careless King Thistle and the Wise Old Elf.

Ben and Holly with Christmas presents
Princess Holly on the back of a frog
Ben and Holly in the middle of nature and insects
Holly with her magic wand and Ben on the back of Gaston
Ben and Holly with the ladybug Gaston
Holly's elf friend named Ben
A mouse friend of Ben and Holly
Nanny Plum the housekeeper of the little castle
All the characters from Ben and Holly Little Kingdom
Princess Holly swims at the bottom of the sea
Queen Thistle Holly's mother
Princess Holly holding her magic wand
Ben holds his horn in his hand
Ben and Holly together as the snow falls
Gaston the ladybug friend of Ben and Holly
King Thistle with his magic wand
Princess Holly talks to Ben
Ben's parents Mr. Elf and Mrs. Elf
Ben runs playing the horn
The King and Queen Thistle together by the hand
The Wise Old Elf with his feather on his hat
Little Princess Holly in the snow
Ben on the snow with a warm coat
Holly Fairy Princess ready to use her magic wand
Nanny Plum with his magic wand

Coloring pages of Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom. Have fun printing and coloring Ben and Holly's drawings. The little elf and the fairy await you in their magical enchanted kingdom.

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