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Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Kirby: Right Back at Ya! is a fictional character of the Kirby video games created by Masahiro Sakurai in 1992.

Kirby lives in a little house in Dream Land on the Pop Star planet, he is a small spherical creature pink and with red feet. Kirby has many powers, as well as running and jumping in fact is able to float, inhale and spit out his enemies.

In Kirby's Dream Land Kirby also has the power to swallow large objects for food or spitting them away with great force.

In Kirby's Adventure thanks to the ability to duplicate Kirby can acquire the powers of enemies swallowed.

His main antagonists are King Dedede, Meta Knight, Nightmare and Dark Matter.

Kirby ninja
Kirby's Beam Copy Ability and Kirby Tornado
The Waddle Dee a species of peaceful creatures
Meta Knight is an enigmatic antihero
Kirby on Warpstar
Kirby and his friends Tuff, Tiff, Tokkori and Whispy Woods
Kirby Ice runs
Kirby is sleeping with his hat
Kirby throws the yo yo
Kirby's Sword Copy Ability
Kirby Mike with his headphones
Kirby Mike is singing
Kirby swimming with mask and snorkel
Kirby Fire is spitting fire
Kirby Needle and Kirby Sword
Kirby is angry
Kirby Parasol with his umbrella slip on the rainbow
Kirby chef has cooked many things
Kirby jumps happy
Kirby Hi jump with his hat
Kirby Beam with his wand
Kirby Fire
Kiby Fighter
Kirby among the stars
Kirby greets with his hand
Kirby with the Super Mario hat

Printable and coloring pages of Kirby. The little pink creature of great power waiting for you to live together exciting adventures.

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