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Coco is an American animated film of 2017 directed by Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina, produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures

The film tells the story of Miguel Rivera, a twelve-year-old boy who lives in the Mexican town of Santa Cecilia, Miguel has a dream, to became a successful musician, like his greatest idol, Ernesto de la Cruz.

Unfortunately the whole family of the boy has banned the music, since the great-great-grandmother Imelda was left, alone with her daughter Coco, by her husband, a musician.

The Day of the Dead Miguel, convinced that he is the grandson of Ernesto de la Cruz, tries to participate in a musical competition, but is stopped by his grandmother who breaks his guitar.

The boy wounded in the soul, goes to the mausoleum of Ernesto to take his guitar, but when he plays the guitar he is catapulted into an alternative dimension, the bridge between the world of the living and that of souls, where he meets his dead relatives.

Thus began a magical adventure for the boy, made of twists and unexpected encounters that will eventually lead him to realize his dream.

Miguel is transforming into a spirit
Imelda posing at the cemetery
Hector walks through the streets of the village
Miguel looks at the ripped photo of Imelda with Coco in her arms
Miguel and Dante in front of the sanctuary of Ernesto de la Cruz
Miguel's relatives at the cemetery
Miguel plays while Hector dances
Mr Rivera father of Miguel
Miguel takes Ernesto de la Cruz's guitar from the sanctuary
Grandma Abuelita is happy
Miguel is about to turn into a skeleton
Hector with hands on hips
Miguel is playing the guitar
Miguel plays the guitar while Abuelita and Hector watch him
Miguel with Dante and Hector
Imelda Miguel's great-great-grandmother
Grandma Abuelita shows Miguel some photos
Miguel with his hands in his trouser pockets
Miguel polished his shoes to a client who is playing the guitar
Miguel runs with a photo in his hand
Dante the dog friend of Miguel with a bone in his mouth
Grandma Abuelita Elena Rivera angry with hands on hips
Grandma Abuelita Elena Rivera from a pinch on the cheek to Miguel
Miguel happy on a roof raises his arms to the sky
Coco the great-grandmother of Miguel
Dante is about to eat food on the table
Dante jumps on Miguel
Miguel playing the guitar in his room
Miguel with Dante Ernesto and Hector
Dante the dog friend of Miguel sitting with his tongue out
Dante the dog friend of Miguel
Hector the great-great-grandfather of Miguel
The famous Ernesto de la Cruz while he plays his guitar
Miguel leaning on his guitar with Dante looking at him
The little Miguel leaning on his guitar

Coco coloring pages. Have fun to print and color Coco drawings. Help the little Miguel Rivera to realize his dream of becoming a musician.

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