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Baby Boss

Baby Boss is an animated film by DreamWorks Animation, directed by Tom McGrath.

The events revolve around a 7-year-old boy named Tim, cuddled and loved by his parents and his little brother Ted. The life of Tim, serene and carefree, is put to the test after the arrival of Ted, who in reality is not a child like everyone else, but a boss of an agency with a mission to accomplish.

Tim notices the powers of Ted, the Baby Boss. Initially the two have several battles, but in the end, to be able to bring to an end his mission, Baby Boss decides to make friends with Tim and collaborate together.

The task of Baby Boss is to discover the new product of the company "Puppy Co.", a company that produces new types of animals.

The two small members are catapulted into an extravagant adventure and, to be able to foil an ignoble plot, will be involved in an epic battle between puppies and children.

Staci with a sheet in his hand
Baby Boss in underwear
Baby Boss on his director's chair
Baby Boss in the arms of his parents
Baby Boss lying with his bear
Baby Boss and Tim speak in the bedroom
Tim lying on the ground observes Baby Boss while he puts on his tie
Baby Boss talks on the phone in secret
Baby Boss naked as a small child
Baby Boss with the smart phone on hand
Tim and Baby Boss look with a very worried expression
Tim holds Baby Boss in his arms near a lighthouse
Ted and Janice Templeton together with Tim and Baby Boss
Baby Boss is deciding what to do
Baby Boss sitting on his chair with a baby bottle ready
Baby Boss and Tim arrange the tie
Baby Boss arranges his tie

Coloring pages of Baby Boss. Have fun to print and color drawings of Tim e Ted. They are waiting for you to stop the evil boss Francis.

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