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Ice Age

Ice Age is a saga that includes 5 episodes: Ice Age 1 (2002), Ice Age - The Meltdown (2006), Ice Age - The Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009), Ice Age - Continental Drift (2012), Ice Age - Collision Course (2016). The first three episodes were directed by Carlos Saldanha, the fourth and fifth by Mike Thurmeier.

In all five episodes, the plot revolves around three unlikely and very different friends: Sid, a groung sloth unable to care for himself, Manny, a woolly mammoth, and Diego, a saber-toothed cat.

The trio make its first meeting in Ice Age 1 where, to save a baby, who must be brought back to his tribe, they are forced to form a herd, a herd that will not be released from that moment and will be destined to live many adventures.

They will have to deal with glacial melting in the Ice Age 2, where Ellie, a female mammoth, joins the group with her opossum Eddie and Crash brothers. Initially Ellie believed to be an opossum because it was raised by a family of that species. The new herd must also face two monstrous and famished marine reptiles from the prehistoric era, Maelstrom and Cretaceous, survived because they were frozen in the ice.

In the Ice Age 3 - The Dawn of the Dinosaurs, to save Sid from the mouths of a T-Rex, the entire herd is catapulted into a prehistoric world, always unknown to them in a subterranean cave, full of dinosaurs of all species. Here our friends meet Buck, a weasel with a leaf on his right eye that helps them to survive in a hostile environment and full of dangers. Our friends have to deal with very dangerous dinosaurs, but especially Rudy, a large albino baryonyx, that is a Buck's enemy. At the end, however, the entire herd managed to save Sid and return to the glacial world with a new member, not Buck, who decided to stay in the underground world, but Peaches the little mammoth, daughter of Ellie and Manfred, born in the prehistoric world during Sid's quest.

In the Ice Age 4, the herd, due to the separation of the continents, is forced to divide, Ellie and Peaches, now adolescent, remain on the land, while Sid, Manny and Diego are trapped on a huge floating icerberg that starts sailing in the ocean. The three friends are so forced to fight with a group of pirates commanded by Captain Gutt, a Gigantopithecus and his first officer, a saber-toothed cat named Shira. Sid, Manny and Diego, thanks to their union, have the best on the bad guys and to reunite with Ellie and Peaches adding a new element to the group, Shira becoming Diego's companion.

In the Ice Age 5, the danger for our friends is represented by a large meteorite that is in collision with Earth and causing a meteor shower. The group must leave their home and embark on a long journey to save themself. During their journey they find Buck who, escaped from the world of dinosaurs, has unknowingly released three fierce dromaeosaur. But as always the group will manage to get out of it.

In all the episodes, the common element of the misfortunes of our friends is Scrat, a squirrel, in love with an acorn who, trying to keep it safe, always causes inadvertently planetary catastrophes.

Crash in flight is about to end up against a tree
The anchilosaurus attacks the group
Diego flies in the air over a rock
Sid happy to have found the three dinosaur eggs
Maelstrom comes out with his head out of the water
Maelstrom and Cretaceous launch Scrat as he was a ball
Crash tries to make an ambush to Diego
Scrat holds his acorn tight to keep it from falling
Mom T-Rex chases angry Sid
Ellie puppy looks graffiti on the wall of a cave
Buck salutes Diego
Ellie on a rock is about to be attacked by two guanlong
Manny and Ellie are going to fall from the rocks
Manny and Ellie hug
Manny takes for the proboscis a glacier animal
Maelstrom splits a big piece of ice
Sid looks amazed at the little sloths that take him away on a rock
The animals of the group descend from a rock slipping
Ellie embraces Crash and Eddie with the proboscis
Diego is hit in the head by a pebble
The little sloth lead Sid on a litter for the sacrifice
Manny is pushed by the violent current of a wave
Scrat holds his acorn in balance over his head
Ellie brings Crash and Eddie onto her back
Sid is held in the arms of his parents
Ellie talks to Manny
Mom T-Rex fights against Rudy
Rudy runs with her mouth open
Buck flies in the forest hanging on a liana pulling out his knife
Sid looks affectionately at the baby
Captain Gutt sees Sid's grandmother Granny with the telescope
Manny and Sid on a piece of ice at the back of the current
Sid hanging from the liana teaches Diego to swim
Sid is about to fall into a cliff
Scrat blows into a hole to retrieve its acorn
Scrat dives into so many acorns
Mum T-Rex roars with her mouth wide open
Sid hanging from a branch upside down
Buck and Eddie look at a giant moth
Manny takes crash with the proboscis
Scrat tries to retrieve the acorn that Scratte holds with the tail
Sid with his thumb raised
The little T-Rex just released from the egg
Scrat found his acorn in a rock
Scrat holds his acorn tight
Peaches has fallen from a tree
Eddie and Crash shoot with the blowguns
Squint leans on his knife made with a fishbone
Sid and the three rex tyrannosaurus puppies look at mum t-rex
Egbert, Yoko, and Shelly follow Sid
Diego is scaring Sid
Sid embraces the puppies of T-rex Egbert, Yoko, and Shelly
The crew of captain Gutt complete
Buck defies baryonyx Rudy with his knife
Ellie is Manny's mammoth girlfriend
Scrat the squirrel hides behind the trunk of a tree
Sid the sloth speaks with Manny the mammoth
Manny the mammoth has a thoughtful look
Diego looks at Shira in love
The squirrel Scrat looks from behind a tree its acorn
Sid tries to talk to Mom T-Rex
Crash or Eddie calls someone
Scrat the squirrel chases his acorn
Diego the saber toothed cat is a friend of Sid and Manny
Granny annoys Diego while Sid looks at them
Mom T-Rex looking for her eggs
Manny Sid and Diego go for a walk
The squirrel Scrat tries to remove the acorn to Scratte

Have fun printing and coloring the Ice Age designs. Sid, the sloth, Manny, the mammoth and Diego, the saber-toothed cat, are waiting for you to experience fantastic adventures

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