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Barbie is a doll manufactured by the American toy company Mattel and launched in March 1959. The creator is the American businesswoman Ruth Handler, who, looking at her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls, realized she often liked to give dolls adult roles.

At that time most toy dolls were children's representations. Realizing that there could be a market segment of toys not yet attacked by anyone, she suggested to her husband Elliot, the co-founder of the Mattel toys company, the idea of ​​a doll with adult body.

During a trip to Europe in 1956, with her children Barbara and Kenneth, Ruth Handler saw a German toy doll called Bild Lilli. The doll with a semblance of an adult was exactly what Handler had in mind. She purchased three of them, gave one to her daughter and took the others back to the United States where she redesigned the doll's design (with the help of engineer Jack Ryan) and gave her a new name, Barbie, just like her daughter.

Barbie dolls were produced in Japan, with hand-sewn dress from Japanese workers. About 350,000 Barbie dolls were sold during the first year of production.

Barbie princess walks with the prince at the palace
Barbie queen looks in to a microscope
Barbie princess faces the balcony
Queen Barbie sitting on the throne with the cat on her legs
Barbie with butterfly wings
Butterfly Barbie flies in the sky
Barbie mermaid swims in the sea
Barbie butterfly
Butterfly Barbie checks in flight
Butterfly Barbie sitting thoughtfully
Barbie in wedding dress
Barbie princess
Butterfly Barbie sitting on a mushroom
Barbie with a mechanical suit
Barbie and her family
Barbie plays with the tricycle
Barbie ballet dancing classic
Barbie barefoot on the lawn
Barbie looks at the stars with the telescope
Barefoot Barbie
Barbie with a very elegant dress
Barbie on the beach at sunset
Barbie and her horse
Barbie water a flower
Barbie with evening dress
Barbie dances on the tips
Barbie and a friend
Barbie on bicycle
Barbie talks on the phone
Barbie is in love
Barbie with sweater on her shoulders
Barbie puts his shoes on
Barbie on a scooter with a friend
Barbie with a rose in his hand
Barbie talks to a little dog
Prince with wings
Barbie with the butterfly dress ready to dance
Barbie butterfly with hands on hips
Barbie rode pegasus
Barbie in the woods
Barbie and the Orc
Barbie and Pegasus
Barbie princess with the magic scepter
Barbie embroidered
Barbie princess on the balcony
Barbie princess with cloak
Barbie lying in bed
Barbie princess salutes the knight
Barbie queen in a photo with the king
Barbie wears a beautiful wedding dress
Barbie with hair picked up
Barbie is wearing a wedding dress
Barbie in evening dress
Barbie with trousers
Barbie plays the guitar
Barbie plays the drums
Barbie with surfboard
Barbie is wearing a swimsuit
Barbie smiling
Barbie with a friend
A close up of Barbie
Barbie dressed as a ballerina
Barbie sitting with her legs crossed
Barbie with the braids
Barbie sitting near a wall
Barbie with the dog in her arms
Barbie with long hair
Barbie with a girlfriend on the lawn
Barbie with a bouquet of flowers
Barbie embraces a friend
Barbie in front of a shop window
Barbie in short dress
Barbie with long pants
Barbie with sunglasses on her head
Barbie walking with a friend
Barbie with her hair gathered in a tail
Barbie in perfumery
Barbie in a handbag store
Barbie with the bag
Barbie in a cake shop
Barbie with her hair in the wind
Barbie walks with her purse
Barbie runs with her purse
Barbie sitting on a carpett with a friend
Barbie with a beautiful long dress
Barbie with her long hair in the wind
Barbie sitting on the floor
Barbie runs
Barbie in a elegant short dress
Barbie with short skirt
Barbie jumps happy
Barbie goes biking
Barbie drinks a coffee with a friend
Barbie crosses the road on the pedestrian strips
Barbie from the hairdresser
Barbie tries a dress
Barbie is making up
Barbie tries shoes
Barbie in front of the mirror
Barbie with red lipstick
Barbie with hat and glasses
Barbie with her hair tied in two braids
Barbie dresses a t-shirt
Barbie sitting on a chair
Barbie with a basket of flowers
Barbie with pants and her friend with skirt
Barbie has her hair tied with a flower
Barbie holds her handbag
Barbie in swimsuit with surfboard
Barbie with long braids
Barbie with a top and hair in the wind
Barbie with shorts
Barbie with the fins
Barbie with glasses
Barbie in the company of a friend
Barbie shopping
Barbie walks with her handbag
Barbie with scarf
Barbie with an elegant jacket
Barbie with her hair collected
Barbie goes shopping with her bag
Barbie with a cocktail dress
Barbie with a high neckline
Barbie with short skirt and the glasses on the head
Barbie with pants and purse
Barbie in swimsuit
Barbie in swimsuit and pareo
Barbie with short skirt and a sleeveless jacket
Barbie in swimsuit with purse and glasses
Barbie with the dog
Barbie Little Dutch girlfriend
Barbie makes yoga
Barbie with hair pulled up
Barbie with her thighs
Barbie in pajamas
Barbie with a vest and trousers
Barbie eats an ice cream
Barbie with her purse on a shoulder
Barbie daughter of flowers
Barbie with the long skirt
Barbie with a nice evening dress
Barbie with his hands in his pocket
Barbie with her hair combed backwards
Barbie with shorts and a top
Barbie with a sports suit

Have fun printing and coloring Barbie designs the most famous Mattel doll

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