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Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is a beautiful animated film produced by Pixar in 2003. It won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature in 2004.

A couple of clownfish settle in a new anemone to care for a clutch of over 400 eggs, which are destroyed by an attack from a fierce barracuda. The only survivor is the father, Marlin, and a single little egg from which Nemo will hatch.

Nemo has a stunted fin and struggles with swimming. His father is very apprehensive to the point of wishing to delay the start of school to avoid exposing him too much to the outside environment.

On the first day of school, in rebellion against his father's attitude, Nemo ventures into open sea and gets captured by a dentist passionate about underwater fishing. The dentist's aquarium becomes his prison, but there he also finds many friends who will do everything to set him free.

Now Marlin must overcome all his fears to find his only son. He will be helped by Dory, a friendly fish with serious memory problems.


Nemo - the clownfish who gets lost from home

Marlin -  the apprehensive father of Nemo desperately searching for his son across the ocean

Dory - an amiable and forgetful blue tang who loves to talk.

Bruce - the terrible but well-intentioned white shark

Crush - the friendly centenarian turtle who saves Marlin from the jellyfish

Anchor - the cynical hammerhead fish

Chum - the hyperactive shark

Nigle - Friend of the fish living in the aquarium

Gill - the tropical fish, captured by humans, who dreams of returning to open sea
Marlin and Dory talk to the whale
Marlin and Dory play with the baby turtles
Nemo gets captured by the diver and put into the bag
Marlin talks to Squirt
Marlin lets Crush carry him
Nemo at home with his friends
Nemo and Pearl
Nemo approaches the motorboat
Nemo gets captured by the diver
Nemo in the aquarium
Nemo comes out of the drain
Nemo in the bag
Nemo slides down the drain
Nemo plays with his father Marlin
Marlin embraces Nemo
Marlin has found Nemo
Marlin and Nemo in the anemone
Marlin talks to Nemo
Marlin asks for information from a school of fish
Marlin consoles Dory
Marlin and Dory inside the belly of the whale
Marlin and Dory are sad
Mr Ray talks to Marlin

Finding Nemo, many drawings to print and color of the little clownfish and his friends from the ocean

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