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SpongeBob SquarePants is an American animated television series created by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg for Nickelodeon.

The series revolves around SpongeBob SquarePants an energetic and optimistic sea sponge who lives together with his friends: the pet snail Gary, Patrick a pink starfish and best friend of the protagonist, Squidward Tentacles a green octopus and Sandy Cheeks a striped squirrel.

SpongeBob lives in a sea pineapple and loves his job as fry cook at the Krusty Krab.

SpongeBob with Santa Claus hat
SpongeBob and all the Bikini Bottom people
SpongeBob hidden under the Squidward Tentacles pillow
SpongeBob with swollen cheeks
SpongeBob plays the electric guitar like a real rock musician
SpongeBob is happy undersea
SpongeBob walks in the middle of jellyfish with a net
Spongebob gets a raised finger
Patrick Star with arms raised
SpongeBob plays with Patrick on the beach
SpongeBob winces
SpongeBob and Patrick Star advancing very angry
SpongeBob with his always cheerful expression
SpongeBob Patrick Gary Sandy Squidward Mrs Puff Mr Krabs e Plankton
SpongeBob runs fast
SpongeBob dressed as a policeman with sunglasses
SpongeBob and Patrick Star escape from a jellyfish
SpongeBob gets up on her toes
Patrick Star looks at the horizon sailor suit with fins
Patrick Stella wears SpongeBob's trousers
SpongeBob birthday
SpongeBob goes to sea with his friends Patrick Sandy and Gary
SpongeBobo walking happy
SpongeBob plays happy with his best friend Patrick Star
Patrick Star runs to SpongeBob
SpongeBob uses his nose as a flute to play
Plankton is happy
SpongeBob with his arms behind his back
SpongeBob winks
SpongeBob with broken pants
The squirrel Sandy Cheeks in his overalls
SpongeBob talking gesturing with his hands
SpongeBob keeps peeing
SpongeBob takes driving lessons from Mrs Puff
SpongeBob plays football
SpongeBob with the snail Gary and the starfish Patrick Star
SpongeBob runs stealthily
SpongeBob singing with microphone
SpongeBob dressed as a pirate with Gary the snail on his arm
SpongeBob smiles
Gary the snail looks at the ground puzzled
SpongeBob is eating a sandwich

Printable and coloring pages of SpongeBob. The yellow sea sponge is waiting for you to have fun under the sea with all his friends.

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