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Masha and the Bear

Masha and the Bear are the characters of the animated series inspired by Russian folklore but adapted to modern times. The cartoon is produced by the Russian studio Animaccord Animation, name that sometimes appears as mark on the home appliances in various episodes.

The series focuses on the special relationship that exists between two characters: Masha and the Bear. Masha is a girl about 5 years old very lively and restless, she never stops and continuously combines a lot of trouble instead Bear loves peace and the quite and he always keeps Masha from disasters.

In the past the Bear worked in a circus, so he is very good in circus acts, juggling and even in magic tricks. He lives in a house made out of a tree and although he tries to stay away from the little Masha to relax, he is very fond of the girl, against whom he is almost a father figure.

Bear looks Masha worried
Masha is sleeping in front of the empty dish
Masha is standing on a tree trunk
Masha is ready with the net to catch the bees
Bear is in despair because Masha has intrigued the line on a tree
Masha among the flowers with a frog on his head
The Bear and She Bear try to grap Masha
The Bear and rabbit water the carrots
The Bear tries to get out Masha of the hat with a lollipop
Masha watches in amazement at the hedgehog with mushrooms on spines
Bear dressed as Santa Claus brings gifts to Masha
The Bear comes out with the fishing ro and the net to go fishing
Bear raises a rocket with Masha attacked
Masha speaks with Rabbit
Masha expects the Bear bring them to eat
Masha happy walking in the path
Masha dressed as a nurse is happy after treating the wolf
The Bear and Wolf eat together
Masha is in the woods with her net
Masha chasing rabbit in tricycle and with the net in her hand
Masha the sympathetic rogue
Masha wearing a beautiful hat with a braid
Bear picks up from the ground the glasses falls
The Bear holds Masha while riding a bicycle
Masha the Bear and She Bear skating on ice while it snows
Masha pulls out of the box all the Christmas balls
The Bear took Rabbit by the ears
Masha happy holds in his hand a little fish
The Bear is dancing on the ice with She Bear and all others friends
Masha is holding a lollipop shaped like a hen
Wolves are angry with Masha
The Bear caught a great fish and Masha is excited
Bear alarmed launches the fishing rod and the fish bucket
Masha skating on ice with rabbit and squirrel
Masha is holding two Christmas balls
Masha happy jumping on the bed
The Bear measure by the yardstick carrots
The Bear looks Masha goes on tricycle
Masha with a Russian hat looks gift on the back of the hedgehog
Masha tries to pick an apple from the tree
The Bear controls Masha  that tries to take the bees
The Bear She Bear and Masha is dancing on ice with the skates
Masha with the net ready to catch butterflies
The happy wolves eat everything they find in the refrigerator
The Bear tenderly embraces Masha
Rabbit does not want to give Masha carrot
The Bear brings Masha for a walk in the forest
The Bear dances in front of Masha
Masha plays in a bucket
The Bear off a match from the hands of Masha
Bear enjoying a good tea
The Bear looks Masha as she tries to take the bees
Masha fell on ice with her skates
Masha looks happy a butterfly flying over flowers
Masha and the Bear are fishing with the rods

Printable and coloring pages of Masha and the Bear. They are waiting for you to live together fantastic adventures.

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